NES Controller + Mountain Dew = Soap?!?

NES controller soap

Cooler than anything I’ve ever seen at Lush (and I love Lush) is DigitalSoaps’ NES controller-shaped soap. I’ve already filed it under “completely awesome”. It’s not just the retro-console coolness of this soap. The fact that it’s scented with Mountain Dew fragrance oil gives this soap major bonus points…mostly because I’m astounded that there’s such a thing as Mountain Dew fragrance oil.

Source via Gizmodo

Author: RPadTV

7 thoughts on “NES Controller + Mountain Dew = Soap?!?”

  1. Pfft… Please! Like I've never rubbed myself down with an NES controller while smelling like Mt. Dew before.

    Good memories though.

  2. The SNES controller and PS controller look pretty spot on (if you can look past the wonky thumbs sticks). I wouldnt use them but they are cool gifts or collectables.

  3. Pretty sure I've smelled like Mt. Dew plenty of times (especiall Code Red omg), but the soap takes the cake haha.

    @N8R – lol takes a real man to admit he's rubbed himself down with a NES controller lol

  4. that's one of he coolest things I've seen since I saw the picure of a giant coffee table made to look like an NES controller, and it actually worked too.

    NES collectible stuff like this is always cool to see.

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