Housekeeping: Your Three Most Wanted Games of 2010

Similar to how we counted down our favorite games of 2009, I’d love for us to list our three most-wanted titles of 2010 in the next three editions of Coffee Talk. So put your thinking caps on! My top two are set, but I keep shuffling the third game. What will it be?!? I don’t know!!!

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  1. 1) Mass Effect 2

    2) God of War III

    3) Gears of War 3

    I know Gears 3 hasn't been announced yet, but if the timing is the same as between the first two, it should be out his November.

  2. @Nightshade

    I don't think that would be smart for M$ to release Halo AND Gears in the same year. If they did that then the following year will be weak like 09.

  3. @RRoD: I disagree. I think everyone can agree that '09 wasn't their strongest lineup. Luckily the strong multiplatform lineup carried them with the currently installed base, plus they had ODST and the MW2 bundle as a system sellers after the PS3 price drop.

    But still, I think they really need to rebound with a big 2010, especially with the PS3 having a full year at a reasonable price point to try and catch up. So MS's has gotta bring the games this year. Nothing's bigger in the MS exclusive lineup than Halo for sure, but Gears is a big seller too. And they've already proven they can sell a lot of copies of Gears 2 and Halo 3 at the same time. There's no reason why they can't get a bunch of other games out by 2011 and still have a strong lineup. But in 2010, MS needs games to reestablish themselves as the premiere console for the hardcore gamer.

    And honestly, outside of God of War III and GT5, there's nothing coming that's been announced so far for the PS3 that I'd label a system seller. Thing is, those are both early year games and there's really nothing big scheduled for late in the year yet for the PS3. If MS drops both Gears and Halo in the fall, that's a big end of year sales boost when most people are spending their money.

    Heavy Rain and Last Guardian will be too niche (Last Guardian still hasn't even been dated). Same with White Knight Chronicles. That doesn't mean I think they'll be bad, I just don't see the masses clinging to those games. FPS's haven't been system sellers on the PS3 so far, so I doubt MAG will change that, and even if it does, it's still an early year game.

  4. Don't forget that Natal will be out this fall and probably Fable3.

    I really hope D3 drops though. I won't touch my consoles for at least 6 months if not longer.

  5. @Smartguy: exactly. The early part of the year may belong to Sony, but the end of the year is really shaping up for MS right now. That's not to say that both companies don't have other stuff up their sleeves still that we don't know about. I wouldn't be shocked if Resistance 3 was announced for this fall either.

  6. @Nightshade

    We all know that M$ has the weakest 1st party support. So if they release Halo, Gears, Mass Effect, Fable, and Crackdown in the same year, what on Earth will they have for the following year? I agree that God of War and Gran Turismo are the only PS3 system sellers but Halo and Gears are the only Xbox system sellers and they'll release those in the 4th quarter for sure. Mass Effect may be great but the first one didn't sell that good and this one won't sell consoles either, same with Fable and Alan Wake is an unproven IP from the makers of Max Payne. Only a shooter has a chance at selling an Xbox. Also, don't forget that the beginning of the year is tax time. Everybody will get some money to spend on games. Heavy Rain and The Last Guardian certainly will not sell huge numbers but they will be great games. I do think Final Fantasy 13 will be a system seller for the PS3. I can't see for the life of me why anyone would be the Xbox 5 or 6 disc box set over the 1 Blu-Ray PS3 version.

  7. @Nightshade – I wouldn't be so eager to give the beginning of the year to PS3 either though, my 360 is going to see more use (in hours) out of Mass Effect 2 than my PS3 might see all year. I'm looking forward to MAG, Heavy Rain, and GoW but I don't think the 3 of those could add up to 100 hours by a long shot

  8. @RROD – well if COD has proved anything I guess it doesn't really matter how frequently you release games. not as far as numbers go anyway.

  9. Both companies have more games to announce and both have their motion controls releasing this year too. There's a rumor about an unannounced Rare game, but that will probably be strictly Natal though. I hope and pray that the Jaffe game is the heavily rumor Twisted Metal

  10. @FF13 – don't think I'll get it likely. If I wanted it though things might be different. If I didn't have a PS3 I'd probably get it on the 360. since I have a PS3 I'd get it on that. But I don't know if it would sell a PS3 to someone who's got a 360 already.

    Then again, how many Xbox owners are FF fans?

  11. @Ray: Yeah, you're right about that. FFXIII will sell PS3's in Japan. But it's still releasing in the first half of the year, and I don't think it'll make much a difference to people here in the U.S. who already own a 360 but not a PS3.

  12. @Nightshade

    I'm confused. If a PS3 exclusive sells 2 million it's considered a flop but when an Xbox exclusive sells 2 million it's great. If 2 million is good for one side then it has to be good for the other as well.

  13. @Nightshade

    Uncharted 1, Resistance 1, and Gran Turismo 5P sold around 3 million. Selling 3 million does not = system seller.

  14. @shockwave

    D3 = Diablo 3.

    I really hope Jaffe has a new IP. I'm also hoping Kojima has something new this year.

  15. @Shockwave

    YOU will put more hours into Mass Effect 2 than your PS3 all year, not everyone else.

  16. @Nightshade

    Sorry. I was under the impression that Halo and Gears were the standard for sales and if a game didn't sell like those 2 then it wasn't good enough. But I agree that 3 million is great.

  17. @RROD – I definitely will, but anyone who gets mass effect and finishes it should expect at least 60 hours of pure enjoyment

    @Smartguy – Thanks, sometimes the acronyms leave me confused

  18. "I can’t see for the life of me why anyone would be the Xbox 5 or 6 disc box set over the 1 Blu-Ray PS3 version."

    Well……if you don't own a PS3, but do own a 360 you can still play the game on your 360….you just need to get up off your backside and change the discs. Is that really worth $300 for the convince of sitting on your ass? I don't think so….

  19. agreed nightshade – not exclusive = not a system seller

    well, unless you have the MW2 system to sell

  20. although even to the other way I'll say that Uncharted 2 only sold 2 million but you can bet it sold PS3s

  21. @Nightshade

    Agreed on that. I was referring to people who don't have either system but want to play Final Fantasy 13.

  22. Umm that is tough one 'cause, Halo: Reach, Fable 3 (which has been announced for this year), Mass Effect 2, Lost Planet 2, Bad Co. 2, Guild Wars 2 (last year was the year of threes so I guess this year is for the twos?), and FFXIV all come out this year. Halo would be #1, but after that I have no idea. Can some one create a time stopping machine so I can have enough time to play everything?

    Oh and Bioshock 2, Army of 2(2?)………………………

  23. And frankly, a game could sell 30 million copies….but if there's no console bump to go along with it, then it wasn't a system seller. Gears and Halo have a history of moving consoles. Resistance really does not. The best system seller that Sony has offered so far was a price drop paired with Uncharted 2.

  24. @Shockwave

    I definitely want to try out Mass Effect to see what all the fuss is about. Is it similar to Fallout 3?

  25. @Nightshade

    Gears and Halo are definitely system sellers but the biggest Xbox system sellers is the RROD and the M$ piracy ban hammer.

  26. @Mass Effect: More similar to Dragon Age & Knights of the Old Republic. Bioware has their own distinctive style of game. More linear than Fallout, but they give you choices about which order to hit all the plot points in. The story is also a much stronger narrative and more cinematic than Fallout.

  27. @Nightshade

    Hmm, similar to Dragon Age? If it's this popular on the Xbox then it has to be shooter based like Fallout 3 right?

  28. @Nightshade386

    There are allot of thieves in this world and most of them have to much money to be stealing in the first place. The console still works though, just no Live.

  29. @Nightshade

    No, no, no. I'm not saying the piracy ban hammer is a bad thing. It's a good thing but M$ used it a perfectly timed instrument to hit right after everyone bought MW2 insuring a surge in console sales. All I'm saying is that the piracy ban hammer gave M$ as sales spike in consoles for the month on November.

  30. @RROD

    LOL It plays somewhat like a shooter, has a different pace to it. Mass Effect is a third person shooter technically, but the shooting aspect feels more like an overlay of the game. It plays like a shooter, but feels like an RPG. Unlike Fallout that plays like an RPG, but feels like a shooter.

  31. @RRoD: You'd have a hard time proving that one on a court of law without sending a bunch of video game pirates to jail, wouldn't ya?

    Frankly, I can't say I disprove. People who were stealing deserve to be banned.

    @Mass Effect: it's more of a third person over the shoulder shooter mixed with an RPG. Think more like Dragon Age mixed with Gears of War, although the shooter elements aren't as tight since it's an RPG first. But it runs on the Unreal Engine, so it can feel a lot like Gears at times. The mix is really good. There is some texture popping during loading, but it doesn't take away from the core experience, and they say that's fixed in the 2nd one.

  32. @360 bans

    The console still works and plays games, even pirated games, but the gamertag and console are banned from Live. People like to resale their banned consoles on eBay to unwitting consumers.

  33. Understood on Mass Effect. If it ever comes to the PS3 I'll definitely give it a shot.


    Again, I agree that pirates should be banned. I thought I made that clear. M$ banned 600,000 consoles in November, you don't think that any of them bought replacements?

  34. Don't they ban you for having an unsanctioned add on as well?

    Examples: wireless brudge that doesn't cost $100 or some kind of memory storage that isn't proprietary?

    That's over the top to ban people because your periphereals are too expensive.

  35. @topic I am still catching up with games from 09, so I am not too sure what I'm looking forward to for 2010. so with catching up in mind…

    1. Plants V Zombies for the iPhone (I am very excited for this game on this platform, it will be a first day purchase)

    2. The Orange Box

    3. Mass Effect [2]*, Bioshock [2]*

    *as long as the first ones are good enough whenever I can get a chance for a decent playthrough of them.

    @the earlier topic of 360 sales for 2010 yes I agree that Xbox NEEDS a new fps IP to come out, that is the genre that sells on this system. Not to say that other genres cannot sell well on the 360, I believe they can, but I would also say that I bought my multiple 360s based on wanting to play fps.

  36. on my sister's laptop and I am not used to the keyboard (mac) so I messed up my email…oops

  37. @smartguy. Lol well some people might sat that, but I can hardly type on a mac keyboard to save my life.

  38. @Smartguy

    They don't ban people for third party peripherals unless it gives them an advantage in games, ie turbo controllers, and/or allows them to hack/mod a game on Live.

  39. 1. FFXIV Online (unless they push it back to 2011…then The Last Guardian)

    2. God of War 3/FFXIII

    3. Heavy Rain

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