RPadTV Vaping Giveaway IX: 120ml of Lost Art Liquids Unicorn Puke

Lost Arts Liquids’ Unicorn Puke is a wildly popular e-liquid and you have a chance to win a 120ml bottle of it in 3mg! If you enjoy rainbow sherbet then you’ll love this fruity blend with a touch of cream. If you don’t enjoy rainbow sherbet then something is wrong with your tastebuds and/or brain. As always, RPadTV mod owners get five additional entries (buy yours today for only $60!). For a chance to win this bottle of excellent juice, all you have to do is Continue reading “RPadTV Vaping Giveaway IX: 120ml of Lost Art Liquids Unicorn Puke”

Vaping Diaries #262: Vapetilly Allen Seiden Interview

Vapetilly is a social network for vapers with Android or iOS devices. It combines elements of Instagram, Yelp, Tinder, and more. Vapetilly is all about connecting vapers, whether it’s vaper to vaper, retailer to vaper, mod maker to vaper, etc. In the interview above, Vapetilly founder Allen Seiden goes over the app’s current features and talks about upcoming additions.

In addition to an Instagram-style feed, Vapetilly has some nice features for vapers looking to pick up new goods. The app makes it easy to find vape shops and the feed can be used to buy or sell goods privately. The social aspects of the app are unique; users can locate nearby vapers and chat with them in order to set up vape sessions. Some of my friends find this feature fun, while others find it a bit stalker-y.

While Vapetilly has a lot going on right now, there are even more features planned for future updates. Video will be a big part of the app’s future, with video posts and video chat coming soon. On top of video chat, voice chat will be available as well. For vapers that are on multiple social networks, Vapetilly will have cross-posting capabilities, allowing users to enter a single post that hits multiple social networks.

As a vaper-specific social network, I’m glad that Vapetilly exists. It’s good for the community and the social network has great potential. Some users like the broad array of features that the app offers, but some feel that it’s too ambitious and somewhat unfocused. While I’ve used Vapetilly a bit, I haven’t used it enough to form a strong opinion one way or another. Certainly it hasn’t replaced Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for me, but I’m intrigued by its potential. While the feature set is broad, I like that the community is ultra-focused. Plus, I’m hoping that it will help me find the vampire-vaper-cheerleader stalker that I’ve been dreaming about.

Vapetilly Allen Seiden Interview

Vaping Diaries #261: True North Tonics Pedro Benito Interview

This interview with True North Tonics owner Pedro Benito is longer than my usual chats with e-liquid makers, but it’s also more interesting. Pedro talks about moving from a touring indie-rock musician with The Jealous Sound and Sunday’s Best to composing music for film and television to crafting e-liquids. True North Tonics offers some of the cleanest e-liquids out there, with several unique and complex flavors. In my opinion, the company is one of the most underrated in the vaping business.

There are several things that help True North Tonics stand out in the highly competitive field of e-liquids. Pedro’s wife is a biochemist, allowing True North Tonics to offer pure flavors with an emphasis on safety. It was fun learning how heating up different ingredients to different temperatures results in various flavor combinations. It was interesting to learn that these juices are made in a laboratory-style fashion, so that each bottle’s individual components can be traced back to the exact ingredient bottle used on the day it was made. On the outside, True North Tonic uses glass vials for its 15ml bottles and wine labels instead of common stickers.

As for the flavors themselves, Pedro talked about three of the e-liquids he launched with and some of his newest flavors. The new flavors are really tasty. As a fan of dessert vapes, I’m really high on the Bavarian cream-inspired Captain’s Daughter. The day this interview was filmed, Pedro had a new raspberry-lychee blend that he was testing. I may or may not have finished what was left of his bottle. (I did…and it was frickin’ delicious!)

Please check out my True North Tonics interview when you have a chance. I’m sure that many of you will learn more about what goes into making e-liquids by listening to Pedro. He was, perhaps, a bit too forthcoming. Ha!

True North Tonics Pedro Benito

Special thanks to Monster Vape Lounge for letting me film and hang out!

Vaping Diaries #260: V4Vape Jay O’Brien Interview

In addition to heading up Nirvana Vapor and being a partner in True Leaf Vapor, Jay O’Brien has launched a new line of vaping dessert e-liquids called V4Vape. Aimed towards vapers that enjoy sweet and savory e-liquids, V4Vape stands out with some unique and complex blends. In the interview above, Jay talks about the company’s four launch flavors and the future of the line.

Going down the menu alphabetically, Valentine is a mix of condensed milk, rose essence, and nutty flavors. Surprisingly, this one has been a hit with vapers that enjoy tobacco e-liquids. Valhalla is a caramel flan juice with hints of hazelnut. Vendetta is a white chocolate custard with a touch of peppermint. Lastly is V4Vape’s most popular juice to date, Virtue. This e-liquid blends toasted almond macaroon with brown sugar and cream.

As a fan of dessert e-liquids, complexity, and atypical blends, I’m really looking forward to vaping some V4Vape juices. Stay tuned for a review in the near future. For now, be sure to check out what Jay has to say about his V4Vape line.

V4Vape Jay O Brien Interview

Vaping Diaries #259: Tobh Mods Jay-Bo Talks Indestructible Atty and More (ECC 2014)

I saved my favorite ECC 2014 interview for last — a fun chat with the excellent owner of Tobh Mods, Jay-Bo. Following the immense success of the Tobh Atomizer, Jay-Bo has a lot going on to cap off 2014. First are a bunch of accessories for the Tobh Atomizer, including brass caps, copper caps, and the slam cap featuring a built in drip tip. The brass and copper caps are unique in that the inside of the cap is stainless steel, which should mollify vapers concerned with their juice touching brass or copper. Jay-Bo now has his own logo, separate from the Tobh Mods brand. The first product under the Jay-Bo brand is the Indestructible Atty, which will be released by Surefire Vapor. Jay-Bo also has a rebuildable tank atomizer in the works, which is fantastic news for vapers that want Tobh Mods innovation in a vaping solution with capacity. As a coffee nerd, I had to ask Jay-Bo about his latest espresso adventures and see how his professional barista skills are holding up.

This is one of those interviews where I kind of forgot I was conducting an interview. Jay-Bo is such a friendly and fascinating guy that it’s so easy to enjoy having a conversation with him and forget to make cogent points. Thankfully, he has a lot going on and delivered information on his newest products in an entertaining way. Yeah, Jay-Bo totally did the job for me in this clip. Ha!

Tobh Mods Jay-Bo Indestructible Atty ECC 2014

Vaping Diaries #258: Fallout Mods Brian Nashick Interview (ECC 2014)

As a huge fan of made-in-the-USA vaping products, I love Fallout Mods’ attitude. The company is very proud that its products are, “made by us in the USA using materials sourced from the USA.” I love that the company’s 22mm mod is called that “7 Eights” and that it has a t-shirt that boldly states, “7 Eights Not 22mm Because This is America.” Ha! Attitude aside, Fallout Mods makes some fantastic mechanical mods that offer unique features and top-notch craftsmanship. They’re the kind of products that make you want to shout, “Murica!!!”

At ECC 2014, I caught up with Fallout Mods owner Brian Nashick. He spoke about some special edition 7 Eights and Mutant mods the company was selling at the show (California edition, ECC edition, STD edition, etc.). He also revealed some information about future Fallout Mods products, including hybrid drippers, several box mods, and mods that use exotic metals.

Check out my interview with Brian to see what’s going on with this great American vaping company.

Fallout Mods Brian Nashick 7 Eights ECC 2014

Vaping Diaries #257: Los Angeles Vapor Company Eric Trotter Interview (ECC 2014)

It’s always a pleasure hanging out with The Force Vapors CEO Eric Trotter. He’s a fun dude and one of my favorite people in the business to hang with at vape meets. Last time I chatted with Eric on camera, he told me all about The Force Vapors and some of the company’s popular e-liquids. At ECC 2014, he told me about the most recent addition to The Force Vapors — Padme’s Nectar — and his brand new line called Los Angeles Vapor Company.

As a lifelong Angeleno, Eric’s new line of juices is inspired by the city where he was born and raised. Los Angeles Vapor Company is launching with four flavors — Iced T, The Beach, Valley Girl, and Westside. In the video above, Eric details the flavor profiles of each juice and talks about why he started a separate line.

On a side note, as much as I enjoy hanging out with Eric, interviewing him always makes my arm tired. He’s tall. I’m short. You do the math. Next time we film together, I’m going to make him sit down.

Los Angeles Vapor Company Eric Trotter Valley Girl

Vaping Diaries #256: Perfect Cloudz Mandy Dishler Interview (ECC 2014)

I distinctly remember the first time I tried Perfect Cloudz’s popular Sack Lunch e-liquid. It was in a goodie bag I won at an OC Vape Meet. I dripped a little and was delighted by the peanut butter & jelly flavor. To be completely honest, I immediately thought, “Stoners are going to love this one.” Ha!

At ECC 2014, I had a fun chat with Perfect Cloudz co-owner Mandy Dishler. She told me about the company’s background, the story behind Sack Lunch, the new Sweet & Sticky e-liquid, and more. As a fan of RY4s, I was particularly interested in Perfect Cloudz’s Sweet & Sticky — it’s like an RY4 with some extra naughtiness. In addition to the traditional RY4 ingredients of tobacco, caramel, and vanilla, this Perfect Cloudz concoction also contains butterscotch and salted caramel.

Check out my chat with Many to learn more about Perfect Cloudz and its vaping e-liquids.

Perfect Cloudz Mandy Dishler Interview ECC 2014

Vaping Diaries #255: Boomer Tech Chain Reaction & Jigantor Interview (ECC 2014)

At ECC 2014, Boomer Tech was showing of a pair of 26650 mods that will be available at relatively low prices. First up is the Jigantor (not the Jiganator, as RPadholic N8R insisted it was). This mechanical mod features a copper body for maximum conductivity, steel-plated copper caps, a magnetic switch, and a carbon fiber wrap. The Jigantor has an MSRP of $100. On the digital side is Boomer Tech’s Chain Reaction. Using the same tube as the Jigantor, the Chain Reaction has a “backpack” that houses a “CNA” digital regulator. Capable of output as high as 50 watts, the Chain Reaction will be a compelling choice for vapers that want 26650 battery life and a regulated vape for a low price of $125.

Check out my conversation with Boomer Tech owner Brian Skinner to learn more about these stylish and inexpensive 26650 mods.

Boomer Tech Jigantor ECC 2014

Vaping Diaries #254: Epic Juice Outbreak Sammie Saing Interview (ECC 2014)

Out of all the booths I visited at ECC 2014, the Outbreak booth was the only one with a zombie-infested maze. A spinoff line of Epic Juice, Outbreak takes advantage of the zombie craze (I blame The Walking Dead) with five e-liquids based on undead themes. Epic Juice sales director Sammie Saing walked me through the new flavors — Agent Green, Contagion, Patient Zero, Serum, and T-Virus — and told me about the inspiration behind these e-liquids. The video above also gives you a quick walkthrough of the Outbreak zombie maze set to Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.”

Epic Juice Outbreak Sammie Saing ECC 2014