Vaping Diaries #196: Nirvana Vapor Jay O’Brien Interview

Posted above is a chat I had with Nirvana Vapor CEO Jay O’Brien filmed at Majestic Vapes in Beverly Hills. If you’re not familiar with the company, Nirvana Vapor makes some really unique e-liquids inspired by East Asian and Indian flavors. A few of the company’s juices have wonderfully atypical flavors that left me thinking, “Wow! I’ve never had anything like this.” Additionally, Nirvana Vapor makes several traditional flavors that stand out with their complexity and multiple layers.

During our conversation, Jay spoke about using East Asian and Indian flavors in his juices, some of his unique blends like Kali’s Coconut Burfi and Rama’s Ras Malai, and some of the company’s upcoming e-liquids. As a huge fan of the Indian dessert gulab jamun, I was thrilled to learn that Nirvana Vapor is working on a gulab jamun juice — that sounds like a delicious vape!

Check out the interview above to learn more about Nirvana Vapor and it’s unique juices.

Nirvana Vapor interview

Author: RPadTV