Vaping Diaries #326: Craft Vapery Certifiably Vapable Liquids

In my opinion, Craft Vapery is the best e-liquid subscription service in the vaping business. When the company unveiled its Certifiably Vapable Liquids line of juices at ECC 2015, I was intrigued. After all, Craft Vapery deals with dozens of e-liquid companies and hundreds of flavors every month. Putting the Craft Vapery brand on Certifiably Vapable Liquids means that the company strongly believes in these flavors. At the show, Craft Vapery president Joshua Krane told me about the three launch flavors in the Certifiably Vapable Liquids lineup and how they’re made with vapers’ safety in mind.

First up is Sticky Rice, a milky-sweet dessert vape based on the popular Southeast Asian dessert of mango and sticky rice. This Certifiably Vapable Liquids flavor blends sweet fruit and savory coconut milk with a pleasant rice texture. As someone that lived in Thailand, I love that the company released this flavor.

Next is It’s Toast. This juice is based on Josh’s quintessential peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When I first tried this Certifiably Vapable juice, I had no idea that it was PB&J. The bread note really helps this flavor stand out from other PB&J e-liquids on the market. It’s Toast is quite tasty and surprisingly different.

Rounding out the Certifiably Vapable line is Cornbread, which several of my friends were raving about all show. First off, cornbread is frickin’ awesome. Secondly, it’s a flavor that I haven’t seen in the vaping world. Craft Vapery did a fantastic job of replicating the flavor, with a rich and textured cornbread slathered with honey butter. While I only vaped a bit of each juice at the show, Cornbread was my early favorite.

Lastly, Josh spoke about the future of the Certifiably Vapable line. These three flavors went through extensive focus testing with several Craft Vapery subscribers. Josh said that additional flavors that subscribers loved would be released in the future, as well as seasonal selections. Out of the dozens of juices I tried at ECC 2015, Cornbread was one of the most memorable. I highly recommend it and suggest that you check out the entire line of Certifiably Vapable Liquids.

Vaping Diaries #325: CloudWerks Atomizer Interview (ECC 2015)

I’ve been trying to get CloudWerks on camera for years, but due to scheduling conflicts (a little) and camera shyness (a lot), I was unable to do so until ECC 2015. At the show, I pretty much forced CloudWerks partner Louie Siason into an interview. He spoke to me about the CloudWerks Atomizer, which uses a single-post design that offers a nice combination of ease-of-use and versatility. The CloudWerks Atomizer is available in four finishes (stainless steel, black, white, and Tiffany Blue). With a name like CloudWerks, you can expect this atomizer to chuck ample clouds, but Louie believes that vapers will be surprised by the flavor it offers.

One of the most pleasant surprises I had at ECC 2015 was meeting model Hanna Ferraez. She was working for CloudWerks at the show and…she pretty much ruined all the other models for me — just a beautiful and delightful young woman. And for the record, I had nothing to do with the b-roll of her chest. That was RPadholic N8R’s idea and filming. I was chatting with Louie while N8R was doing that. There are witnesses. I swear.

Anyway, in addition to talking about the CloudWerks Atomizer, Louie gave an update on the future of the company’s juice line. If you’re not familiar with CloudWerks e-liquid, it’s high VG (90 percent) for huge clouds and the flavors are very subtle. As someone that dislikes e-liquids with overwhelming flavor, I appreciate the CloudWerks’ style. As Louie said in the interview below, “You don’t get bored with our juice. You can vape it all day.”

Check out the ECC 2015 interview below to learn more about the CloudWerks Atomizer and the company’s juice line. You’ll also see lots more of Hanna Ferraez, which (if you’re a heterosexual male or a homosexual female) is a pretty wonderful thing.

Cloudwerks Atomizer ECC 2015

Vaping Diaries #302: Jay Bo Designs Indestructible Atty Interview (Vape Summit)

Last time the RPadTV crew chatted with Jay Bo Designs CEO Jay-Bo was ECC 2014 and the Indestructible Atty was getting set for production. At Vape Summit III, the Indestructible Atty arrived! Hardcore vapors will remember Jay-Bo’s Tobh Atomizer as being one of the hottest atomizers in 2014. After seeing the Indestructible Atty, learning about its features, and hearing its low price, I have no doubt that this product will do even better than its forerunner.

While the Indestructible Atty has a number of slick features, let’s start with its noteworthy suggested retail price — $50. With many top atomizers breaking the $100 mark, it’s nice to see Jay Bo Designs offer an affordable product that’s not made in China. Jay-Bo was quick to point out that none of the materials used in making the Indestructible Atty were made or sourced in China, all the way down to the o-rings and screws.

As far as aesthetics go, the Indestructible Atty uses a similar design language as the Tobh Atomizer, but with a fresher and more streamlined look. The large fins are gone, partially for durability reasons and (I’m guessing) partially because many vapers in 2015 prefer a streamlined look. While I loved the heat dissipation the Tobh fins offered, I’m also partial to the sleek and smooth look of the Indestructible. Yes, it’s more streamlined, but it will also look and feel familiar to Tobh Atomizer fans.

Now let’s move onto the features. The negative posts on the Indestructible Atty use slots rather than holes, allowing vapers to use any gauge of wire and any number of coils that can fit in the chamber. The center post will not spin, avoiding an issue found in many other atomizers. Lastly, the top cap can rest on the ridge, allowing it to flip up without coming off completely. This particular feature is great for a quick look at your wicks and, let’s be honest here, for dripping while driving. (For the record, RPadTV does not condone dripping and driving. Yes, this parenthetical statement was made for CYA purposes.)

On an unrelated note, this was the first time I’ve had Jay-Bo on camera since he shaved his infamous beard. Learn the story behind the shaving and all about the Indestructible Atty in the Vape Summit III video interview below.

Vaping Diaries #290: Lavish Elixir Eddie Latorre Interview (Vape Nights)

Another new Southern California company in the highly competitive field of vaping e-liquids, Lavish Elixir has launched with a trio of fruit-and-cream juices. At Vape Nights 2014, I caught up with Lavish Elixir owner Eddie Latorre to learn more about the company, the three initial e-liquids, and what’s coming next.

Eddie’s three launch flavors are Jet Setter, Swanky, and Pristine. Jet Setter is a combination of strawberry, mango, guava, and cream. Swanky is a blend of kiwi, watermelon, peach, and cream. Lastly, Pristine is a mix of dragon fruit, guava, papaya, and cream. For fans of layered fruit vapes, the Lavish Elixir launch flavors seem like compelling blends. Eddie seemed particularly proud of Continue reading “Vaping Diaries #290: Lavish Elixir Eddie Latorre Interview (Vape Nights)”

The Vape 48 Week 2: Vape Maps Alex Pessah

Vape Maps co-founder Alex Pessah joins me for the second episode of The Vape 48 on RPadTV. One of the best mobile apps for vapers, Vape Maps has several new features coming. The Android and iOS apps will be getting updated visuals and functionality, and new features are coming to the website too. Alex covers it all in the opening segment.

Moving to the hardware side, Alex brought the fascinating PrimusZ box mod. This Bluetooth-enable box mod allows users to track and share vaping stats, adding a nerdy and social aspect to the hobby. Alex also brought a Continue reading “The Vape 48 Week 2: Vape Maps Alex Pessah”

Vaping Diaries #289: Bizarre Juice Supply Interview

A few weeks ago, I meet Bizarre Juice Supply founders Ally Piddock and Jack Gallagher at The Vape Source’s one-year anniversary party. They’re friends with my excellent pals Ronald and Mel, so I had a feeling they’d be cool. While they’re definitely fun people, what’s more interesting to you guys and gals are the vaping e-liquids they make.

Bizarre Juice Supply e-liquids stand out for several reasons. The most obvious aspect of the company’s goods is the bottles they come in. They’re made from frosted glass and shaped like skulls. That’s frickin’ awesome! More importantly Continue reading “Vaping Diaries #289: Bizarre Juice Supply Interview”

Vaping Diaries #288: All Good Vape Steven Arthur Interview (Vape Nights)

I first met the All Good Vape crew last year at an LA Vapers Club meet. After a quick taste of the company’s vaping e-liquids, I was smitten by several of its juices. All Good Vape e-liquids are complex and layered, using multiple ingredients to achieve unique flavors. After going back and forth with the owners, I was finally able to nab a video interview with All Good Vape at Vape Nights 2014.

In the clip above, All Good Vape owner Steven Arthur talks about the company’s background. He launched the company with the aid of friends in the bakery and chemistry fields. While several e-liquid companies were formed by people with culinary backgrounds, there aren’t many with people that have chemistry backgrounds. That edge is one of the reasons why All Good Vape e-liquids stand out. Steven also talks about three of the company’s popular flavors — Bewitched, Lucky Rabbits Food, and Tobacco Road — as well as the upcoming Lucky Devil juice.

As a fan of All Good Vape e-liquids, please check out my Vape Nights 2014 interview to learn more about this great company and its unique products. Also, a brief confession — prior to filming this video, I was drinking whiskey on camera with a man that calls himself “Vaping Jesus,” so I had a healthy buzz going on.

All Good Vape Steven Arthur

Vaping Diaries #287: Arsenal Vape Co Logan Ellis Interview

A couple of weeks ago, I attended Inhale Vape’s grand opening and met Logan Ellis from Arsenal Vape Co. A few of my friends were raving about his e-liquids and I was excited to learn more about the company. Arsenal Vape Co. was started by two Marines that are into vaping. The company strives to make high-quality juices that stand out in a highly competitive market. Naturally, the company name and its juice names reflect the founders’ Marine background. (Thank you for your service!)

Logan was kind enough to drop by Vape Star Los Angeles to tell me about his company and e-liquids. The three Arsenal Vape Co. launch flavors are Malibu Breeze, Tropic Thunder, and Warrior’s Breakfast. Check out the interview above to learn about these three flavors and to hear hints of what’s coming next.

As a bonus, here’s a cute story about Warrior’s Breakfast. Prior to learning about the founders’ military background, Vape Star Minjee totally cracked me up with her comments about this cinnamon/waffle mix. She said, “It tastes like waffles. Warriors don’t eat frickin’ waffles!” During the interview, Logan explained what a “warrior’s breakfast” was in the context of Marine training. So in addition to learning all about Arsenal Vape Co., you’ll be able to dazzle your friends with your knowledge of warrior’s breakfast. Win.

Arsenal Vape Co Logan Ellis Interview

The Vape 48 Week 1: Vaping Utopia’s Kavish Mehta

Welcome to the first episode of The Vape 48 on RPadTV! My goal is to film 48 episodes of the show in 2015. Each one will feature a guest from the vaping business. In addition to getting an update on the guest’s company, we’ll talk about the vaping hardware and e-liquids we’ve been enjoying lately. And yes, I totally lifted the name from DC Comics’ “The New 52.”

Week one of The Vape 48 stars Vaping Utopia owner Kavish Mehta. He talks the three new e-liquids he recently launched: Beez Cream, Eden, and Zion. His hardware choices include Mad Industries’ Penny Mod and Hobo Customs’ Hobo Atomizer. Kavish’s juice picks include e-liquids from Sol Sauce and Ripe Vapes.

As for me, I’ve been digging Psywar Fabrications’ Onslaught Atomizer (thanks Vaping Ape!) and Jiu Jit Juice’s Mata Leao.

Vape 48 s1e1

Vaping Diaries #286: Diamond Liquids Britten Allen Interview

I’m a big fan of Diamond Liquids on several levels. First and foremost, the company makes a number of delicious e-liquids that I enjoy. I appreciate that Diamond Liquids is very particular about the sweeteners it uses and which ones it doesn’t. Lastly, it’s fantastic how supportive the company is with the local vape community. There are usually multiple vape events every weekend in Southern California and you’ll almost always see someone from Diamond Liquids in attendance, supporting local vape shops and vape companies.

In the interview above, Diamond Liquids owner and mixologist Britten Allen talks about how the company got started, his approach to making e-liquids, some of the flavors currently available, future flavors, and his upcoming mechanical mod. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the company’s Eruption, Lucky Mother Custard, and Razzi flavors. Eruption has a delicious mango flavor that I really enjoy (despite being bored with most fruit e-liquids). As a fan of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Lucky Mother Custard is right up my alley. Lastly, Razzi is a wonderful raspberry cheesecake juice that’s probably my favorite in the Diamond Liquids lineup. All of the juices are high-VG for optimal vapor production, but they also vape quite well in rebuildable tanks like my trusty Russian.

Check out my chat with Britten above to learn more about Diamond Liquids and to hear how Lucky Mother Custard got its name.

Diamond Liquids Britten Allen Interview