Vaping Diaries #325: CloudWerks Atomizer Interview (ECC 2015)

I’ve been trying to get CloudWerks on camera for years, but due to scheduling conflicts (a little) and camera shyness (a lot), I was unable to do so until ECC 2015. At the show, I pretty much forced CloudWerks partner Louie Siason into an interview. He spoke to me about the CloudWerks Atomizer, which uses a single-post design that offers a nice combination of ease-of-use and versatility. The CloudWerks Atomizer is available in four finishes (stainless steel, black, white, and Tiffany Blue). With a name like CloudWerks, you can expect this atomizer to chuck ample clouds, but Louie believes that vapers will be surprised by the flavor it offers.

One of the most pleasant surprises I had at ECC 2015 was meeting model Hanna Ferraez. She was working for CloudWerks at the show and…she pretty much ruined all the other models for me — just a beautiful and delightful young woman. And for the record, I had nothing to do with the b-roll of her chest. That was RPadholic N8R’s idea and filming. I was chatting with Louie while N8R was doing that. There are witnesses. I swear.

Anyway, in addition to talking about the CloudWerks Atomizer, Louie gave an update on the future of the company’s juice line. If you’re not familiar with CloudWerks e-liquid, it’s high VG (90 percent) for huge clouds and the flavors are very subtle. As someone that dislikes e-liquids with overwhelming flavor, I appreciate the CloudWerks’ style. As Louie said in the interview below, “You don’t get bored with our juice. You can vape it all day.”

Check out the ECC 2015 interview below to learn more about the CloudWerks Atomizer and the company’s juice line. You’ll also see lots more of Hanna Ferraez, which (if you’re a heterosexual male or a homosexual female) is a pretty wonderful thing.

Cloudwerks Atomizer ECC 2015