Vaping Diaries #130: Kebo Russian Atomizer Review

The Kebo Russian is a bottom-coil silica atomizer that offers fantastic flavor and high capacity. It’s a 1:1 copy of the Svoe Mesto Kayfun 3.1, which many vapers love for its strong performance. While other companies have tried to mimic the Kayfun 3.1, they’ve mostly offered an inferior experience. The Kebo Russian offers the same outstanding performance as the product it’s based on, but for a much lower price.

What’s in the Kit: The Kebo Russian comes with the atomizer, a clear tank, a stainless steel tank, a 510 drip-tip adapter, a plastic needle-tip e-liquid bottle, a screwdriver keychain, wick, wire, extra screws, and extra O-rings. Kebo calls the extra O-rings and screws “spear parts,” but they don’t fit on any of the spears I have at home.

The extra parts are certainly useful, but I wasn’t a fan of the refill bottle and screwdriver. Using the included bottle makes refilling a slow process and I don’t like metal-on-metal contact. I highly recommend going with syringes and plastic tips; using that combo makes refilling fast and you don’t have to worry about metal scraping on metal. The screwdriver is small and difficult to generate torque with. It’s okay for making on-the-go adjustments or for people that don’t have a set of computer tools. It’s nice that Kebo included these items in the kit, but I recommend replacing them straight away.

Build Quality: The build quality of Chinese clones is all over the place. Some products are well made and others are hot garbage. Then there’s the Kebo Russian. This is, without a doubt, the best vaping product from China that I’ve ever used. It’s primarily made from stainless steel, including a stainless steel valve from the USA (China outsourcing to America?!? That’s crazy!). The materials used for the Kebo Russian are top notch.

The Kebo Russian is shockingly well made and on par with the Kayfun 3.1. Some longtime Kayfun users will be able to spot small differences in build quality, but many vapers will find them identical. Given how complex this atomizer is and how many parts it uses, the excellent build quality is even more impressive.

Design: The Kebo Russian is a complex atomizer that holds roughly 4.5ml of e-liquid. With its numerous parts and high capacity, it’s quite large. It’s 60mm long, with a 22mm diameter. For many vapers, the combination of performance and capacity is totally worth it. Some vapers will find it cumbersome.

Aesthetically, the Kebo Russian is a handsome device. The stainless steel has a sandblasted finish that’s slightly darker than the one Svoe Mesto uses for the Kayfun 3.1 Beta model. As someone that greatly prefers brushed, matte, and sandblasted steel over polished steel, I was quite pleased with The Russian’s finish.

Performance: Thousands of vapers have been enamored with the performance of the Kayfun 3.1. The Keebo Russian offers the same great flavor, a satisfying draw, and decent vapor production. Airflow can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of vapers. The range is very good and should satisfy everyone, save for those that like extremely tight draws. As someone that prefers a firm draw, I enjoyed using the Kebo Russian.

While it’s not the best choice for cloud chasers, the Kebo Russian offers stellar flavor. Between the small air chamber and the tight drip tip, you get a deliciously concentrated vape. Naturally, a lot depends on your setup. My personal preference is flat ribbon and Twik Ekowool. In the Kebo Russian, this combo offers outstanding flavor that’s on par or better than any Genesis-style atomizers I’ve used.

Ease of Use: For such a complicated atomizer, the Kebo Russian is relatively easy to set up. It’s slightly more involved than using a rebuildable dripping atomizer and much easier than setting up a Genesis-style atomizer. Most vapers that can build a coil for an RDA will have no problem using the Kebo Russian. Building space is small, but still quite manageable. My rebuilding skills are average and I found the Kebo Russian easy to work with using a variety of wire and wick materials.

Maintenance is straightforward, though clumsy vapers will have to use extra care when washing the Kebo Russian. There are a lot of small parts that can be lost or washed down the drain.

Kebo Russian Review

Verdict: The Kebo Russian delivers everything that I love about the Kayfun 3.1, but is much easier to get and significantly cheaper to buy. It’s available for around $115, while the lowest I’ve seen the Kayfun 3.1 is $175. For juice delivery systems with high capacity, this type of atomizer is my favorite. It holds a lot of e-liquid and offers great flavor. While I’ve enjoyed products like the AMP Tank and GP Spheroid, I prefer the Kebo Russian over both of those high-capacity atomizers.

For some vapers, there is an ethical dilemma when it comes to the Kebo Russian. It’s pretty much an exact copy of Svoe Moesto’s work and some vapers have issues with companies making money by lifting another company’s design. Some vapers don’t care about that and are only concerned about their vaping budget. Both sides are understandable. I’m not judging — just throwing it out there for people to decide.

For vapers that have always wanted a Kayfun 3.1, but have been unable to nab one because of price or availability, the Kebo Russian is a fantastic alternative. It’s cheaper and easier to find, while delivering the same awesome performance. While I still enjoy using a good RDA, the Kebo Russian has become my top choice for when I need a juice delivery system with high capacity. It’s a well-built atomizer that offers high capacity and flavor on par with Genesis-style atomizers, but without the leaking issues inherent to Gennies. If you don’t have a problem with the copying issue then I highly, highly recommend picking one up.

Author: RPadTV