Vaping Diaries #92: Avid Vaper AMP Tank Review

The Avid Vaper AMP Tank is a juice delivery system that’s fantastic for a very specific type of vaper. It uses old-school dripping atomizers and submerses them in a pressurized tank. The result is the full flavor of dripping combined with a sizable amount of juice capacity. It takes a little time to get the hang of, but vapers that enjoy dripping atomizers and want a simple solution for capacity should strongly consider the AMP Tank.

Build Quality: The AMP Tank is a well-made device with smooth lines. The threading and machining are high-quality. One minor criticism I have with the device is that the materials don’t feel particularly luxurious. It costs $120 and doesn’t feel like it should. Of course you’re paying for the research and development that went into the product, as well as the performance, but several high-priced atomizers feature more expensive metals, such as high-grade stainless steel. Remember, this is only a minor criticism; I was generally happy with how the device was made.

Design: The AMP Tank is available in three anodized colors black, clear, and gold. The different colors complement a wide variety of mods reasonably well. Vapers that use standard-sized atomizers get 3ml or capacity, while users of long-barrel atomizer get 5ml. The device has AMP printed on its base using a stylish, but subtle font. The black model I reviewed looks great on white and steel mods. A friend of mine has the gold model and it looks nice on brass mods. The clear coating is probably the most diverse finish, since it looks good on a variety of mod colors and finishes.

Performance: Once you understand how the AMP Tank works and know how to control juice flow, the performance is brilliant. I’ve used it successfully with atomizers from a number of companies: Avid Vaper, Boge, Empire Mods, Joyetech, and Vapage. It took me a little under a week to get used to manipulating air flow and juice flow; since then, the AMP Tank has become one of my favorite juice delivery systems.

I’ve used the AMP Tank for several months with 70/30, 60/40, and 50/50 juices (PG/VG). I haven’t had any leaking issues after my first week with the device and I rarely had to adjust from the default juice-flow setting. For the first half or two-thirds of the tank, the automatic juice flow worked perfectly. Towards the end of the tank, I’d have to manually manipulate juice flow. It really varies from juice to juice, but in my experience, it works fantastically. That said, I have seen reports from vapers of thicker juices (high VG content) saying that they had problems with getting juice to flow to the atomizer.

Avid Vaper should be commended for its great instructional video (embedded below) on how to use the AMP Tank. While it does require some finessing — particular as the tank gets low — I loved how the AMP Tank performed with my juices. If you vape thicker juices then there’s a chance that the device isn’t for you.

Ease of Use: There is a learning curve with the AMP Tank and there are a few things vapers have to be careful with. Like I mentioned in the performance section, using the device for the first half or two-thirds of a tank couldn’t be simpler (again, it depends on the thickness of your juice). When the tank gets low, it’s simply a matter of covering the air hole, inhaling to draw juice into the atomizer, and slowly removing your finger to get the vacuum flowing again. Yes, it’s not as simple as direct dripping, but it’s still a relatively easy process and you get the benefit of capacity.

Replacing the atomizer and refilling the AMP Tank are simple, common-sense processes. While I don’t recommend this device for beginners, most intermediate to advanced vapers should find using it a cakewalk.

As for what I mentioned about requiring care, this isn’t a device I’d recommend sticking into your pants pocket. The O-rings aren’t snug (by design) and you can have an embarrassing juice explosion on your jeans. Changes in air flow and juice flow can cause leakage out of the air hole. If you’re not careful with juice flow and you start taking trying hits on your atomizer, the coil can pop prematurely. Again, once you learn how the AMP Tank works, that becomes a low-risk issue.

Verdict: Vapers that want the full flavor of dripping have a lot of choices. There are Genesis-style atomizers and bottom-coil silica atomizers (like the excellent GP Spheroid). Those juice delivery systems require some extra work and there are some people that simply aren’t comfortable with rebuilding. While those types of rebuildable atomizers are more cost effective, this one is more accessible. The Avid Vaper AMP Tank fills a niche and does it very, very well. If you want maximum flavor and minimum fuss then the AMP Tank is a fantastic solution.

Author: RPadTV