Watch Olivia Munn Dislocate Her Shoulder!

My sexy friend Tricia just sent me a video of Olivia Munn dislocating her shoulder…and it is awesome!!! In the video, the woman formerly known as Lisa is playing around on a makeshift swing indoors. Generally speaking, swings are used outdoors and supported by sturdy metal poles. That’s not the case with this homemade concoction and the results are fantastic — first there’s a wicked snap that’s quickly followed by a sickening thud. And there’s our dear Olivia Munn, splattered on the floor with a dislocated shoulder. Ha!

Yes, I know that we’re not supposed to revel in the misfortune of others, but it’s Olivia Munn! Besides, she posted the video on Twitter, so fair game, right? Now please excuse me, as I’m going to watch this video 50 times in a row.


Author: RPadTV