Vaping Diaries #259: Tobh Mods Jay-Bo Talks Indestructible Atty and More (ECC 2014)

I saved my favorite ECC 2014 interview for last — a fun chat with the excellent owner of Tobh Mods, Jay-Bo. Following the immense success of the Tobh Atomizer, Jay-Bo has a lot going on to cap off 2014. First are a bunch of accessories for the Tobh Atomizer, including brass caps, copper caps, and the slam cap featuring a built in drip tip. The brass and copper caps are unique in that the inside of the cap is stainless steel, which should mollify vapers concerned with their juice touching brass or copper. Jay-Bo now has his own logo, separate from the Tobh Mods brand. The first product under the Jay-Bo brand is the Indestructible Atty, which will be released by Surefire Vapor. Jay-Bo also has a rebuildable tank atomizer in the works, which is fantastic news for vapers that want Tobh Mods innovation in a vaping solution with capacity. As a coffee nerd, I had to ask Jay-Bo about his latest espresso adventures and see how his professional barista skills are holding up.

This is one of those interviews where I kind of forgot I was conducting an interview. Jay-Bo is such a friendly and fascinating guy that it’s so easy to enjoy having a conversation with him and forget to make cogent points. Thankfully, he has a lot going on and delivered information on his newest products in an entertaining way. Yeah, Jay-Bo totally did the job for me in this clip. Ha!

Tobh Mods Jay-Bo Indestructible Atty ECC 2014

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7 thoughts on “Vaping Diaries #259: Tobh Mods Jay-Bo Talks Indestructible Atty and More (ECC 2014)”

  1. Worst customer service on the planet. Go ahead and need a part from this guy. You wont get it even after he promises 10x.

      1. You and 10 other people that have told me they would tell him for me. I even hit up Domintico Santiago or whoever the guy is that is on J’s bright bacon site that directs off his fb tobh site. Ive hit jay up several times asking for 1 screw. 1 SCREW! and he cannot come through with that. Horrid customer service. Im not the only one either. The $$$ he’s raking in from vapers for his products, he should be kissing our feet. Unless something changes, or im really taken care of for this disgrace of an incident, i wont buy another one of his products. You can show him this if you want, in fact please do!

        Any product you buy from any company, theres always a way to reach the manufacturer. He kinda lays low and hides behind an email address and instagram handle. Thats pretty despicable and a slap in the face to customers. Again with the $$ being made, he can afford to even pay someone to handle customer service based upon a per incident rate if he doesnt want to pay hourly(if he’s that bad at it). It just really jacks me off man. Im sure it would jack you off too. Were talking 1 screw thats not even a normal screw that i can go buy at a hardware store. Id have to buy 100 of them, and im not driving across the county to get it if i dont buy 100 of them.

      2. I saw Jay on Saturday and mentioned your situation to him. I just emailed him the link to this story. Hopefully this gets solved for you soon!

      3. I appreciate it! Check your other folder on FB. I couldnt get your contact capcha to work to email you on this site. So i messaged you my email on fb. You went above and beyond man. Thanks.

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