The Vape 48 Week 2: Vape Maps Alex Pessah

Vape Maps co-founder Alex Pessah joins me for the second episode of The Vape 48 on RPadTV. One of the best mobile apps for vapers, Vape Maps has several new features coming. The Android and iOS apps will be getting updated visuals and functionality, and new features are coming to the website too. Alex covers it all in the opening segment.

Moving to the hardware side, Alex brought the fascinating PrimusZ box mod. This Bluetooth-enable box mod allows users to track and share vaping stats, adding a nerdy and social aspect to the hobby. Alex also brought a Tiffany blue KSS Mod and 454 Atomizer from Kryptonite Vapor. My pick of the week was the black nickel-plated King Mod from Surefire Vapor. Last year’s brass knurled King Mod was one of my favorites and I like this iteration of the King even better. The nickel plating gives the mod a fantastic look that really stands out.

Closing out on the juice side, Alex has been hooked Connoisseur eJuice’s Froyo and Sol Sauce’s Jive. The former is a blend of frozen yogurt and blueberry, while the latter is a creamy dessert coffee vape. My juice picks were a pair of Ahlusion flavors. Smooth Criminal is a light tobacco that was the juice that got me off of cigarettes. Honey Cured is part of the company’s aromatic line of tobaccos — one of my all-time favorite lines of vaping e-liquids. The aromatics are bold and true juices made from naturally-extracted tobaccos. Sadly, the line has been discontinued (something I’m still not over).

Check out the video above for more details on all the products discussed in this article and download Vape Maps when you have a chance (please!).

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Author: RPadTV