Vaping Diaries #289: Bizarre Juice Supply Interview

A few weeks ago, I meet Bizarre Juice Supply founders Ally Piddock and Jack Gallagher at The Vape Source’s one-year anniversary party. They’re friends with my excellent pals Ronald and Mel, so I had a feeling they’d be cool. While they’re definitely fun people, what’s more interesting to you guys and gals are the vaping e-liquids they make.

Bizarre Juice Supply e-liquids stand out for several reasons. The most obvious aspect of the company’s goods is the bottles they come in. They’re made from frosted glass and shaped like skulls. That’s frickin’ awesome! More importantly, the juice inside the bottles is distinct. There are currently two Bizarre Juice Supply e-liquids available — Don Pedro and Chimera. I’ve been addicted to the former since I’ve tried it. Don Pedro is a sugar cookie with tobacco in the background. As a fan of dessert and tobacco vapes, Don Pedro is totally in my wheelhouse. The second launch flavor is Chimera, which is a complex orange creamsicle juice. While there are many orange creamsicle juices out there, Bizarre Juice Supply has infused this flavor with complexity, helping it stand out.

In the interview above, Jack and Ally talk about how Bizarre Juice Supply got started, the story behind the cool bottles, the two launch flavors, and the upcoming cross-country tour they’re about to embark on. I’m excited by what the two of them are doing and can’t wait to see what’s next. This is definitely an e-liquid company you should keep an eye on. Now please excuse me, as I’m on a mission to finish enough bottles of Bizarre Juice Supply e-liquids so that it looks like I’m performing voodoo rituals in my office.

Bizarre Juice Supply

Author: RPadTV