Vaping Diaries #290: Lavish Elixir Eddie Latorre Interview (Vape Nights)

Another new Southern California company in the highly competitive field of vaping e-liquids, Lavish Elixir has launched with a trio of fruit-and-cream juices. At Vape Nights 2014, I caught up with Lavish Elixir owner Eddie Latorre to learn more about the company, the three initial e-liquids, and what’s coming next.

Eddie’s three launch flavors are Jet Setter, Swanky, and Pristine. Jet Setter is a combination of strawberry, mango, guava, and cream. Swanky is a blend of kiwi, watermelon, peach, and cream. Lastly, Pristine is a mix of dragon fruit, guava, papaya, and cream. For fans of layered fruit vapes, the Lavish Elixir launch flavors seem like compelling blends. Eddie seemed particularly proud of Continue reading “Vaping Diaries #290: Lavish Elixir Eddie Latorre Interview (Vape Nights)”

Vaping Diaries #288: All Good Vape Steven Arthur Interview (Vape Nights)

I first met the All Good Vape crew last year at an LA Vapers Club meet. After a quick taste of the company’s vaping e-liquids, I was smitten by several of its juices. All Good Vape e-liquids are complex and layered, using multiple ingredients to achieve unique flavors. After going back and forth with the owners, I was finally able to nab a video interview with All Good Vape at Vape Nights 2014.

In the clip above, All Good Vape owner Steven Arthur talks about the company’s background. He launched the company with the aid of friends in the bakery and chemistry fields. While several e-liquid companies were formed by people with culinary backgrounds, there aren’t many with people that have chemistry backgrounds. That edge is one of the reasons why All Good Vape e-liquids stand out. Steven also talks about three of the company’s popular flavors — Bewitched, Lucky Rabbits Food, and Tobacco Road — as well as the upcoming Lucky Devil juice.

As a fan of All Good Vape e-liquids, please check out my Vape Nights 2014 interview to learn more about this great company and its unique products. Also, a brief confession — prior to filming this video, I was drinking whiskey on camera with a man that calls himself “Vaping Jesus,” so I had a healthy buzz going on.

All Good Vape Steven Arthur

Vaping Diaries #281: Craft Vapes David Alston Interview (Vape Night)

Another person on my list of “people I really want to interview, but haven’t been able to schedule” was Craft Vapes co-owner David Alston. Luckily, we were able to connect at Vape Nights 2014. I first met David at a vape meet in December 2013. I was immediately taken with his flavors, which are very different than what most e-liquid companies in Southern California make. As 2014 rolled on, Craft Vapes gained a reputation as being one of the most unique and inventive juice companies in the region.

In the interview above, David talks about how Craft Vapes got started and his approach to making e-liquids. With an independent spirit and an appreciate for craft beers, the company owners use a simple approach of trying to make juice that they think is good. David discussed three of his recent releases. Creme Anglaise was initially released in Europe and made as a request to a local distributor; the juice made its American debut at Vape Nights 2014. Leprechaun (not made with actual leprechauns — I checked) is a mint-cookie dessert vape. Last is Black Forest, which is a shockingly good e-liquid approximation of black forest cake.

While David couldn’t share specifics on what Craft Vapes is working on in 2015, he did say that there are several juices in the works and that the company will turn its attention back to the American market. Check out my chat with David to learn more about this excellent e-liquid company.

Craft Vapes Creme Anglaise

Vaping Diaries #280: The Great J’s & Bootlegger’s Brew Interview (Vape Nights)

My favorite part of Vape Nights 2014 was that it afforded me the opportunity to catch up with people that I’ve been wanting to get on camera for a long time, but for various reasons wasn’t able to. At the top of my list was Joshua Tongco, owner of The Great J’s and Bootlegger’s Brew. Launched in October 2013, The Great J’s has quickly become a very popular e-liquid company in the Southern California region. Many vapers I know rave about the Atta Boy and Bees Knees flavors. Joshua’s newest line is Bootlegger’s Brew, which focuses on creamy dessert blends.

Although The Great J’s is fairly well known in SoCal, its national exposure is still growing. Joshua leans on Instagram and word of mouth for marketing. While his juice might not have the reach that several SoCal e-liquid companies enjoy, vapers that I’ve met that have tried The Great J’s love it. Hopefully this interview helps connect The Great J’s with vapers around the country that enjoy the flavor profiles the line offers.

In the interview above, Joshua talks about starting The Great J’s and launching at Vapetoberfest 2013. He also talks about a few flavors in The Great J’s and Bootlegger’s Brew lines. Check out my chat with Joshua to learn about his juices and to watch me bust out a Chris Kattan joke.

The Great J's

Bootlegger's Brew

Vaping Diaries #279: Chillum Vapor Tantra Mod Interview (Vape Nights)

I randomly met Chillum Vapor co-founder Abhi Chatterjee when I was hanging out at The Vape Source in Koreatown. He mentioned that he was working on a mechanical mod and a few months later the Tantra Mod has arrived. At Vape Nights 2014, I caught up with Abhi to learn more about his high-performance made-in-the-USA mech. Objectively, the Tantra Mod is impressive with its unique features and fantastic performance (Abhi claims a 0.19 voltage drop on a 0.2-ohm coil). Subjectively, it hits nearly everything I look for in a mechanical mod; I’m partial to vaping products that are made in America, I’m a big fan of naval brass as a mod material, and I like designs that manage to be elegant yet distinct.

In the Vape Nights 2014 interview above, Abhi talks about Chillum Vapor’s background, designing the Tantra Mod, the unique wafer spring that helps give it great performance, and the new stainless steel model. It was neat to learn the meanings behind the words chillum and tantra in relation to the company. While many people think of tantra in sexual terms, the word has a definition that absolutely fits a vaping company. Abhi also talks about the Volcanic Tip, a novel drip tip that borrows from ridged swords for better vaping.

On a note that has nothing to do with anything, I was particularly proud to have slipped a Taylor Swift joke into the interview. That’s one less thing on my 2014 checklist.

Anyway, check out the clip above to learn more about this excellent and distinct American mod from Chillum Vapor.

Chillum Vapor Tantra Mod Abhi Chatterjee

Vaping Diaries #278: Baker White CEO Talks Odin Juice & E-Liquid Safety (Vape Nights)

My Vape Nights 2014 interview with Baker White CEO Danny Baker is one of the more informative vaping interviews I’ve filmed. Danny covered a wide range of topics, including the company’s extremely unique Odin by Baker White high VG line, e-liquid manufacturing safety, and the controversial diacetyl ingredient found in many vaping juices.

Baker White stresses safety; it was one of the first e-liquid companies to use a forced-air clean-room and one of the few with a facility that meets the pharmaceutical-grade ISO-6 standard. E-liquid safety is a big issue for me, as I’ve encountered many vapers (and even several juice makers) that don’t understand the importance of having something you inhale made in a clean environment. I was shocked to learn that some popular SoCal juices are made in stores, homes, and back rooms — places where contaminants can easily enter e-liquid. It was great hearing Danny address the issue of e-liquid manufacturing safety and I hope it helps educate some vapers.

As for the Odin line, it’s one of the most fascinating group of juices I’ve encountered. Odin by Baker White is a series of high-VG e-liquids made with advanced vapers in mind. While many high-VG juices are geared towards cloud chasers, Odin is a compelling choice for flavor fiends as well. These juices were made so that you get distinctly different flavors depending on the wattage you vape them. The same Odin juice at 10 watts will taste quite different at 30 watts. While it’s true that all juices change flavor depending on temperature, Odin was designed to push this property to new levels.

Lastly, Danny touched on diacetyl. Found in many custard flavors, this ingredient is known to cause popcorn lung. Unfortunately for vapers, there has been some dishonesty about the ingredient and Danny talks about that in the interview.

As a longtime verbal entertainer, it’s always my goal to inform and entertain. As far as the vaping section of RPadTV goes, I believe this is the most informative piece I’ve put together and I’m really happy with it. Please, please, please check it out when you have a chance.