Vaping Diaries #281: Craft Vapes David Alston Interview (Vape Night)

Another person on my list of “people I really want to interview, but haven’t been able to schedule” was Craft Vapes co-owner David Alston. Luckily, we were able to connect at Vape Nights 2014. I first met David at a vape meet in December 2013. I was immediately taken with his flavors, which are very different than what most e-liquid companies in Southern California make. As 2014 rolled on, Craft Vapes gained a reputation as being one of the most unique and inventive juice companies in the region.

In the interview above, David talks about how Craft Vapes got started and his approach to making e-liquids. With an independent spirit and an appreciate for craft beers, the company owners use a simple approach of trying to make juice that they think is good. David discussed three of his recent releases. Creme Anglaise was initially released in Europe and made as a request to a local distributor; the juice made its American debut at Vape Nights 2014. Leprechaun (not made with actual leprechauns — I checked) is a mint-cookie dessert vape. Last is Black Forest, which is a shockingly good e-liquid approximation of black forest cake.

While David couldn’t share specifics on what Craft Vapes is working on in 2015, he did say that there are several juices in the works and that the company will turn its attention back to the American market. Check out my chat with David to learn more about this excellent e-liquid company.

Craft Vapes Creme Anglaise

Author: RPadTV