Vaping Diaries #280: The Great J’s & Bootlegger’s Brew Interview (Vape Nights)

My favorite part of Vape Nights 2014 was that it afforded me the opportunity to catch up with people that I’ve been wanting to get on camera for a long time, but for various reasons wasn’t able to. At the top of my list was Joshua Tongco, owner of The Great J’s and Bootlegger’s Brew. Launched in October 2013, The Great J’s has quickly become a very popular e-liquid company in the Southern California region. Many vapers I know rave about the Atta Boy and Bees Knees flavors. Joshua’s newest line is Bootlegger’s Brew, which focuses on creamy dessert blends.

Although The Great J’s is fairly well known in SoCal, its national exposure is still growing. Joshua leans on Instagram and word of mouth for marketing. While his juice might not have the reach that several SoCal e-liquid companies enjoy, vapers that I’ve met that have tried The Great J’s love it. Hopefully this interview helps connect The Great J’s with vapers around the country that enjoy the flavor profiles the line offers.

In the interview above, Joshua talks about starting The Great J’s and launching at Vapetoberfest 2013. He also talks about a few flavors in The Great J’s and Bootlegger’s Brew lines. Check out my chat with Joshua to learn about his juices and to watch me bust out a Chris Kattan joke.

The Great J's

Bootlegger's Brew