Vaping Diaries #288: All Good Vape Steven Arthur Interview (Vape Nights)

I first met the All Good Vape crew last year at an LA Vapers Club meet. After a quick taste of the company’s vaping e-liquids, I was smitten by several of its juices. All Good Vape e-liquids are complex and layered, using multiple ingredients to achieve unique flavors. After going back and forth with the owners, I was finally able to nab a video interview with All Good Vape at Vape Nights 2014.

In the clip above, All Good Vape owner Steven Arthur talks about the company’s background. He launched the company with the aid of friends in the bakery and chemistry fields. While several e-liquid companies were formed by people with culinary backgrounds, there aren’t many with people that have chemistry backgrounds. That edge is one of the reasons why All Good Vape e-liquids stand out. Steven also talks about three of the company’s popular flavors — Bewitched, Lucky Rabbits Food, and Tobacco Road — as well as the upcoming Lucky Devil juice.

As a fan of All Good Vape e-liquids, please check out my Vape Nights 2014 interview to learn more about this great company and its unique products. Also, a brief confession — prior to filming this video, I was drinking whiskey on camera with a man that calls himself “Vaping Jesus,” so I had a healthy buzz going on.

All Good Vape Steven Arthur

Author: RPadTV