Vaping Diaries #217: The Force Vapors Eric Trotter Interview

It was excellent catching up with The Force Vapors CEO Eric Trotter at Evaporate Los Angeles. As a Star Wars nerd, I absolutely love the company’s theme and style. As a vaper, I’ve enjoyed several of The Force Vapors’ juices. The owner of Evaporate LA turned me onto Leia’s Creamy Cookie and I’ve been a fan ever since. More importantly, Eric is a cool guy that runs an honest company that has longterm goals in vaping, as opposed to numerous cash-in-now ventures that I’ve encountered. In the interview above, Eric talks about how he got started, The Force Vapors’ e-liquid philosophy, the company’s current flavors, upcoming flavors, and more. And yes, as a Star Wars nerd I totally used this interview as an opportunity to make several dorky Star Wars references. For that, I thank (and apologize to) The Force Vapors. Ha!

The Force Vapors Interview Eric Trotter

Author: RPadTV