The Vape 48 Week 4: The Force Vapors Eric Trotter

The Force Vapors CEO Eric Trotter and I chatted back in February for this episode of The Vape 48, filmed at Vape Star Los Angeles. Eric has a number of cool things going on with this company, many of which I’ll get to see next week at The Vape Summit III in Las Vegas. On the juice side, he’ll have two new flavors that will debut at The Vape Summit. The Force Vapors is partnering with Cloud Kicker Society for some excellent t-shirts. Last year, The Force Vapors had some awesome box mods that Star Wars fans loved; I sorta kinda expect an updated version next week…that may or may not appeal to fans of Jedi masters…but that’s just conjecture.

On the juice side, Eric brought SBP by Turncoat Industries. He doesn’t vape a lot of juices that he doesn’t make himself, so I was intrigued by this southern bread pudding e-liquid (and also because it’s southern bread pudding!). My juice picks were a pair of complex and layered e-liquids from Tasty Cloud Vape Co — Stay Gold and Skyline. The former is a mix of apple, caramel, vanilla, and tobacco, while the latter blends pineapple, cake, coconut, and hazelnut. I liked Skyline, but loved Stay Gold.

Wrapping things up with hardware, Eric brought the Vicious Ant VariAnt Ti Slim. A sleek, beautiful, and versatile box mod from the Philippines, it’s been one of Eric’s favorite vaping devices for the last few months. I brought a box mod that’s not nearly as cool, but quite versatile and very affordable — the Sigelei 150. In a very short time, the Sigelei 150 has become one of my favorite “beater” mods.

Check out my full chat with The Force Vapors Eric Trotter below for more details on everything mentioned above. He’s a cool guy that makes some great juice!

Vaping Diaries #257: Los Angeles Vapor Company Eric Trotter Interview (ECC 2014)

It’s always a pleasure hanging out with The Force Vapors CEO Eric Trotter. He’s a fun dude and one of my favorite people in the business to hang with at vape meets. Last time I chatted with Eric on camera, he told me all about The Force Vapors and some of the company’s popular e-liquids. At ECC 2014, he told me about the most recent addition to The Force Vapors — Padme’s Nectar — and his brand new line called Los Angeles Vapor Company.

As a lifelong Angeleno, Eric’s new line of juices is inspired by the city where he was born and raised. Los Angeles Vapor Company is launching with four flavors — Iced T, The Beach, Valley Girl, and Westside. In the video above, Eric details the flavor profiles of each juice and talks about why he started a separate line.

On a side note, as much as I enjoy hanging out with Eric, interviewing him always makes my arm tired. He’s tall. I’m short. You do the math. Next time we film together, I’m going to make him sit down.

Los Angeles Vapor Company Eric Trotter Valley Girl

Vaping Diaries #217: The Force Vapors Eric Trotter Interview

It was excellent catching up with The Force Vapors CEO Eric Trotter at Evaporate Los Angeles. As a Star Wars nerd, I absolutely love the company’s theme and style. As a vaper, I’ve enjoyed several of The Force Vapors’ juices. The owner of Evaporate LA turned me onto Leia’s Creamy Cookie and I’ve been a fan ever since. More importantly, Eric is a cool guy that runs an honest company that has longterm goals in vaping, as opposed to numerous cash-in-now ventures that I’ve encountered. In the interview above, Eric talks about how he got started, The Force Vapors’ e-liquid philosophy, the company’s current flavors, upcoming flavors, and more. And yes, as a Star Wars nerd I totally used this interview as an opportunity to make several dorky Star Wars references. For that, I thank (and apologize to) The Force Vapors. Ha!

The Force Vapors Interview Eric Trotter