Vaping Diaries #257: Los Angeles Vapor Company Eric Trotter Interview (ECC 2014)

It’s always a pleasure hanging out with The Force Vapors CEO Eric Trotter. He’s a fun dude and one of my favorite people in the business to hang with at vape meets. Last time I chatted with Eric on camera, he told me all about The Force Vapors and some of the company’s popular e-liquids. At ECC 2014, he told me about the most recent addition to The Force Vapors — Padme’s Nectar — and his brand new line called Los Angeles Vapor Company.

As a lifelong Angeleno, Eric’s new line of juices is inspired by the city where he was born and raised. Los Angeles Vapor Company is launching with four flavors — Iced T, The Beach, Valley Girl, and Westside. In the video above, Eric details the flavor profiles of each juice and talks about why he started a separate line.

On a side note, as much as I enjoy hanging out with Eric, interviewing him always makes my arm tired. He’s tall. I’m short. You do the math. Next time we film together, I’m going to make him sit down.

Los Angeles Vapor Company Eric Trotter Valley Girl