Vaping Diaries #248: Cloud Kicker Society Interview (ECC 2014)

Cloud Kicker Society is the premiere apparel and lifestyle brand in vaping. If you go to a vaping event in California (of which there are like five every weekend), chances are you’ll see several people rocking Cloud Kicker Society “Social Club” t-shirts. The company makes awesome shirts, hoodies, bandanas, and, more that revolve around the vaping lifestyle, but it’s also branching out to different areas of the business. At ECC 2014, I caught up with Cloud Kicker Society founders Rendy Ichsan and Erik Nagashima to learn more about the company and their backgrounds, as well as to see what’s coming next.

One of the company’s earliest successes was its “Social Club” t-shirt. These shirts use a slick, uniform design, but with different brands emblazoned on the chest. The brands range from different vape companies to various vape shops to different parts of the country. It was cool listening to Ren talk about the idea behind the shirt and wanting to embrace the community aspect of the vaping hobby with them. And yes, I now have it on record that there will be RPadTV Social Club shirts coming soon. Win.

Erik and Ren also spoke about their collaboration with Aethertech, which has resulted in some sexy vaping hardware. Another up-and-coming American vaping company, Aethertech has made a pair of 26650 mods that feature unique designs and Cloud Kicker Society branding.

I love that a company like Cloud Kicker Society exists. I appreciate that Erik and Ren are highly concerned about releasing products with designs that they like and quality that they’d want. I like that the company is selective about its partners, making sure that the people they work with have a similar view about the vaping lifestyle. Most of all, I like that these cool guys are making cool stuff!

Check out my long ECC 2014 interview with the Cloud Kicker Society founders to learn more about the company and to find out whether or not it will delve into the exotic world of men’s thongs.

Cloud Kicker Society ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV