Vaping Diaries #247: Poet Electronic Nectar Randy Freer Interview (ECC 2014)

Poet Electronic Nectar is one of my favorite e-liquid companies in the vaping business. The company makes complex and layered e-liquids that I find absolutely delightful. I’m a huge fan of the way the company mixes heavy and light flavors to create intricate vaping blends. With all of that in mind, meeting up with Poet Electronic Nectar CEO Randy Freer was a top priority for me at ECC 2014. In addition to running a great American vaping company and creating some delicious e-liquids, Randy is a very sweet and very interesting man. Naturally, it was a pleasure chatting with him at the show.

At ECC 2014, Randy debuted three new flavors and was using the show to decide which one will be released next. My personal favorite of the three was his Mexican coffee blend, which was flavorful and rich, while also standing out from the numerous coffee e-liquids on the market. The most popular of the new Poet Electronic Nectar flavors at ECC 2014 was the bourbon spiced roll. Lastly, the company’s dragon green tea was a bit lighter than the other two, but also a tasty and distinct e-liquid. While I’d love for all three of these to be released, I’m hoping the Mexican coffee juice gets the nod.

On a different note, Poet Electronic Nectar is entering the hardware side of the vaping business. Randy’s diverse background and a partnership with Vape Savvy will result in The 53 Mod. The company had prototypes at the show and they were very impressive. Aesthetically, The 53 Mod has an understated and elegant look that I’m a fan of, while there’s a lot of great engineering going on under the hood. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this mod ends up.

Watch my ECC 2014 with Poet Electronic Nectar CEO Randy Freer to get an update on this stellar vaping company.

Poet Electronic Nectar 53 Mod Randy Freer ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV