Vaping Diaries #262: Vapetilly Allen Seiden Interview

Vapetilly is a social network for vapers with Android or iOS devices. It combines elements of Instagram, Yelp, Tinder, and more. Vapetilly is all about connecting vapers, whether it’s vaper to vaper, retailer to vaper, mod maker to vaper, etc. In the interview above, Vapetilly founder Allen Seiden goes over the app’s current features and talks about upcoming additions.

In addition to an Instagram-style feed, Vapetilly has some nice features for vapers looking to pick up new goods. The app makes it easy to find vape shops and the feed can be used to buy or sell goods privately. The social aspects of the app are unique; users can locate nearby vapers and chat with them in order to set up vape sessions. Some of my friends find this feature fun, while others find it a bit stalker-y.

While Vapetilly has a lot going on right now, there are even more features planned for future updates. Video will be a big part of the app’s future, with video posts and video chat coming soon. On top of video chat, voice chat will be available as well. For vapers that are on multiple social networks, Vapetilly will have cross-posting capabilities, allowing users to enter a single post that hits multiple social networks.

As a vaper-specific social network, I’m glad that Vapetilly exists. It’s good for the community and the social network has great potential. Some users like the broad array of features that the app offers, but some feel that it’s too ambitious and somewhat unfocused. While I’ve used Vapetilly a bit, I haven’t used it enough to form a strong opinion one way or another. Certainly it hasn’t replaced Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for me, but I’m intrigued by its potential. While the feature set is broad, I like that the community is ultra-focused. Plus, I’m hoping that it will help me find the vampire-vaper-cheerleader stalker that I’ve been dreaming about.

Vapetilly Allen Seiden Interview

Author: RPadTV