Vaping Diaries #260: V4Vape Jay O’Brien Interview

In addition to heading up Nirvana Vapor and being a partner in True Leaf Vapor, Jay O’Brien has launched a new line of vaping dessert e-liquids called V4Vape. Aimed towards vapers that enjoy sweet and savory e-liquids, V4Vape stands out with some unique and complex blends. In the interview above, Jay talks about the company’s four launch flavors and the future of the line.

Going down the menu alphabetically, Valentine is a mix of condensed milk, rose essence, and nutty flavors. Surprisingly, this one has been a hit with vapers that enjoy tobacco e-liquids. Valhalla is a caramel flan juice with hints of hazelnut. Vendetta is a white chocolate custard with a touch of peppermint. Lastly is V4Vape’s most popular juice to date, Virtue. This e-liquid blends toasted almond macaroon with brown sugar and cream.

As a fan of dessert e-liquids, complexity, and atypical blends, I’m really looking forward to vaping some V4Vape juices. Stay tuned for a review in the near future. For now, be sure to check out what Jay has to say about his V4Vape line.

V4Vape Jay O Brien Interview

Author: RPadTV