Vaping Diaries #197: True Leaf Vapor Interview

Last week, I went to Majestic Vapes in Beverly Hills to meet the owners of True Leaf Vapor. The company is working with the excellent Nirvana Vapor and has launched a line of naturally-extracted tobacco (NET) e-liquids. If you’re familiar with the Southern California vape scene then you know that the vast majority of local juice companies focus on fruit flavors, with savory dessert juices becoming popular in 2014. As a huge fan of NET e-liquids, I find it sad that most SoCal vape shops don’t carry NETs and many shop owners are ignorant when it comes to NET juices. That’s where True Leaf Vapor comes in; having a local NET e-liquid company will help educate store owners and vapers on what this style of juice offers and show people how satisfying a juice made with real tobacco can be (especially compared to juices made with artificial tobacco).

In the interview above, True Leaf Vapor owners Christopher Hildreth and Joran Nicolette talk about why they started a NET e-liquid company, the tobacco extraction method they use, the company’s four launch flavors, ideas for future juices, and more. Stay tuned for a full review of three True Leaf Vapor juices in a future edition of RPadTV Vaping Diaries.

True Leaf Vapor Interview

Author: RPadTV