Vaping Diaries #258: Fallout Mods Brian Nashick Interview (ECC 2014)

As a huge fan of made-in-the-USA vaping products, I love Fallout Mods’ attitude. The company is very proud that its products are, “made by us in the USA using materials sourced from the USA.” I love that the company’s 22mm mod is called that “7 Eights” and that it has a t-shirt that boldly states, “7 Eights Not 22mm Because This is America.” Ha! Attitude aside, Fallout Mods makes some fantastic mechanical mods that offer unique features and top-notch craftsmanship. They’re the kind of products that make you want to shout, “Murica!!!”

At ECC 2014, I caught up with Fallout Mods owner Brian Nashick. He spoke about some special edition 7 Eights and Mutant mods the company was selling at the show (California edition, ECC edition, STD edition, etc.). He also revealed some information about future Fallout Mods products, including hybrid drippers, several box mods, and mods that use exotic metals.

Check out my interview with Brian to see what’s going on with this great American vaping company.

Fallout Mods Brian Nashick 7 Eights ECC 2014