Vaping Diaries #336: Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid Interview (ECC 2015)

To be completely honest, Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid first caught my eye at ECC 2015 because of the crew’s t-shirts. While most of the exhibitors at the show were sticking to their cotton shirts, the Dr. Juice crew were cool as the other side of the pillow thanks to their synthetic tees. When RPadholic N8R learned that these cats are from Pittsburgh (Nate’s hometown), we had to chat with them more. When N8R and I learned that Dr. Juice makes delicious vaping e-liquids, we knew that we had to get the company for an interview.

In the ECC 2015 video interview below, Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid co-owner Jeremy Fuss talks about how the company got started. Originally, the juice was meant to be a fundraiser so that the boys could open up their own vape shop. The popularity of the flavors made it so that the gang dropped the vape shop idea and is now focusing their efforts on Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid.

Jeremy also described three of the company’s unique juices. N8R’s favorite was Crunchberry. Unlike most cereal e-liquids on the market. Dr. Juice’s is an original concoction made up of 12 ingredients. Most cereal flavors out there use a common base that may or may not be complemented by lemon. My favorite was Delish, which blends Oreo cookie, sugar cookie, and custard. Again, there are many cookies-and-cream juices out there, but Delish is more layered and complex than most of the ones I’ve tried. Lastly, Jeremy described Headless Horseman, which is a seasonal flavor that melds pumpkin and custard. If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes then you definitely want to check out this flavor.

To learn more about Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid and for a tease on what’s coming next from the company, check out my ECC 2015 with Jeremy below.

Vaping Diaries #335: Cartel Mods Scatola & Xanic Blanc Interview

It’s always excellent catching up with Cartel Mods main man Gino Litonjua. He was one of the first people in the vaping business that I interviewed (way back at ECC 2013) and watching his company grow has been lots of fun. At ECC 2015, Gino told me about the Scatola Box Mod and the Xanic Blanc line of vaping e-liquids. As with all the Cartel Mods products I’ve seen over the last few years, the Scatola and Xanic Blanc are different and classy.

Let’s start with the juice. Xanic Blanc has launched with three flavors that are atypical for a Southern California vaping company. Crema is a mix of orange, cream, and yogurt that playfully blends sweet, savory, and tangy notes. Lusso is a mix of honeydew melon and milk, touched by a slight bit of menthol — definitely one of the more unique flavors I’ve tried this year. Lastly, Biancco is a creamy strawberry funnel cake. I’ve vaped a bunch of all three flavors and enjoy them all, but I’m still trying to figure out which one I like best. It changes by the hour. Ha!

On the hardware side, Cartel Mods is currently taking pre-orders for the Scatola Box Mod. Made from a unique hybrid resin body, the Scatola mimics the look of stabilized wood, but is more durable and doesn’t have issues with humidity. The box mod is accented by 304 stainless steel and uses Delrin insulators. The Scatola box run in parallel, allowing vapers ample battery life. At the show, Cartel Mods had several finishes on display and several of them looked brilliant.

Check out my ECC 2015 chat with Gino below to learn more about the Xanic Blan e-liquid line and the Scatola Box Mod, as well as what he’s working on next. (Hint: Expect a regulated device from Cartel Mods in the near future!)

Vaping Diaries #334: Sweet Nectar Juice Interview (ECC 2015)

A relatively new vaping e-liquid company, my buddy Chris introduced me to Sweet Nectar at ECC 2015. A few of the company’s juices surprised RPadholic N8R and me. N8R was enamored with Home Grown, a melange of pineapple, watermelon, and blueberry. Even though I find most fruit vapes banal, Home Grown’s atypical blend and texture worked for me. My personal favorite was Cookie Butter, which is Sweet Nectar’s first savory flavor. The company describes it as, “a great inhale that taste like fresh baked cookies and a snickerdoodle exhale.” In the interview below, Sweet Nectar owner Alex Hards talks about the company’s history, a few of its flavors, and the upcoming Select Line of juices.

Vapers looking for a good deal should definitely consider Sweet Nectar. The company’s 15ml bottles retail for $7.50, as opposed to the $12 price point used by most of its competitors. Even though the price is low, Sweet Nectar uses PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, which are more expensive than and superior to the LDPE (low-density polyethylene) used by many juice companies. The upcoming Select Line will use glass bottles. Alex talks about the first flavor in the Sweet Nectar Select Line in the interview.

It’s going to be fun watching Sweet Nectar invade the retail scene. From what I understand, the company’s wholesale prices will appeal to store owners, while consumers will be attracted to the retail pricing. Sweet Nectar has a good variety of flavors and should have at least one that will tickle your fancy. For discerning vapers and those that insist on glass bottles, the Select Line should be an interesting choice. I’m looking forward to seeing the bottles and price point for that line of Sweet Nectar products. To learn more about the company, a few of its flavors, and the upcoming Select Line then check out my ECC 2015 chat with Alex below.

Vaping Diaries #333: Jay-Bo Talks Wismec at ECC 2015

Thousands of vapers know Jay Bo from his Tobh Mods and Jay Bo Designs products, like the Tobh Atomizer and Bambino Atty. Vapers that follow the business know that Jay Bo’s designs have been mercilessly copied by several Chinese e-cigarette companies. With that in mind, many people at ECC 2015 were surprised to learn that Jay Bo is now the senior designer for a Chinese vaping company. In the interview below, Jay Bo talks about his role as Wismec senior designer and what he hopes to accomplish with the company.

Fans of Jay Bo’s enthusiast vaper products shouldn’t have anything to worry about. He’s still designing products aimed at that segment of the vaping market. With Wismec, his designs will hit a larger portion of the market. Wismec will be using its considerable manufacturing resources to bring Jay Bo products to beginning, intermediate, and advanced vapers. On the flip side, Jay Bo will be helping out on products that won’t have his personal brand on them, but will certainly be influenced by his style. On paper, it seems like a win-win situation for both parties. Jay Bo gets tremendous resources and reach, while Wismec gets one of the most celebrated designers in the vaping business.

There are a few side notes to this piece. First is a confession — I desperately wanted to title this article “Jay Bo Goes to China (Wismec)” or “Big Jay Bo in Little China (Wismec).” Thanks to that handy disclaimer, I can fess up to things. Also, the interview may or may not have a crash appearance by Brett Reed from Praxis Vapors.

Anyway, this is a potentially huge development for both Jay Bo and Wismec. To learn all about the relationship and to get an update on Jay Bo’s ever-evolving facial hair, kindly check out the ECC 2015 interview below.

Vaping Diaries #332: Propaganda E-Liquid Interview (ECC 2015)

In a very short time, Propaganda E-Liquid has become a fairly large e-liquid company. I recall first seeing the company at an OC Vapers Meet event, where the crew had a small display table. At ECC 2014, Propaganda E-Liquid had a relatively modest 10 x 20 booth. At ECC 2015, the company had a huge display, including a two-story staging area, ample seating areas, and multiple kiosks. In the interview below, Propaganda E-Liquid CEO Nicholas DeNuccio talks about how the company got started, the company’s explosive growth, three of his most popular flavors, and what’s coming next.

Propaganda E-Liquid kicked things off with Illuminati, a refreshing blend of blood orange, pineapple, and strawberry. Nick made this flavor while he was still working at a vape shop and used customer feedback to make this juice the foundation of the company’s launch. Vapers that are partial to candy flavors will want to check out Subliminal, which is a sweet and sour Razzmatazz flavor. The newest flavor in the Propaganda E-Liquid lineup is Treason, a sweet lemon pudding topped with whipped cream. While the company started off with fruit and candy e-liquids, it has been rounding out its lineup with savory dessert flavors.

Propaganda E-Liquid currently has five flavors on tap. Nick mentioned that a sixth flavor is on the way. I’d expect the new flavor to hit some time before the end of the year.

On a macro level, Propaganda E-Liquid is a fantastic example of why I enjoy covering the vaping business. It’s a new and exciting space that’s changing rapidly. It’s very cool to see a company like Propaganda E-Liquid grow at such a remarkable rate. Being able to watch companies like Nick’s develop and flourish is a nifty privilege. If you want to learn more about Propaganda E-Liquid and its juice, check out the clip with Nick below.

Vaping Diaries #331: Epistle Eliquid Interview (ECC 2015)

Epistle Eliquid launched at ECC 2015 with two juice flavors and a very cool mission. In addition to offering tasty juice, the company aims to educate consumers through its packaging. A portion of the company’s sales will go to the excellent If you’re not familiar with the organization, it does a fantastic job of educating consumers about vaping issues in a very clear and concise way. In my opinion, does the best job of informing vapers about laws that could potentially change their lifestyle. It’s very, very cool that Epistle Eliquid has partnered up with the fantastic organization. In the interview below, Epistle Eliquid co-owner Nickelson Ballon talks about the company’s two launch flavors, the company’s mission, and teaming up with

As I mentioned, Epistle Eliquid has kicked things off with two flavors. First up is Mango Lassi, based on the the popular Indian confection. A mixture of sweet fruit and tangy yogurt, Mango Lassi is a delicious dessert blend. The second Epistle Eliquid launch flavor is Carrot Cake. This juice offers the sweet and savory spices in carrot cake, with an emphasis on the frosting. Out of the two launch flavors, I preferred Mango Lassi. I’m a fan of the Indian dish and not overly fond of the frosting on carrot cake.

Epistle Eliquid is off to a great start. The company’s ECC 2015 booth was almost always busy when I walked by. I love that a new e-liquid company is working to educate vapers and teaming with an excellent group like A lot of my friends at the show enjoyed the two Epistle Eliquid launch flavors (though I seem to be in the minority, as most of them preferred Carrot Cake). If you want to learn more about Epistle Eliquid’s juices and efforts then check out my interview with Nickelson below.

Vaping Diaries #330: Surefire Vapor Castle Box Mod & Heir RDA Interview

Once known primarily for its made-in-the-USA high-end mechanical mods, Surefire Vapor is branching out into several different areas of vaping. At ECC 2015, the company had a number of new products. Recently, the company released a line of e-liquids, as well as pre-made coils and cotton. The Surefire Vapor goods that were getting the most attention at the show were the Castle Box Mod and Heir RDA. Both products have relatively low retail prices and offer great features. In the interview below, Surefire Vapor CEO Garry Rivera told me about the Castle Box Mod and Heir RDA.

The Castle Box Mod will retail for $100 and will be available in six different colors (I’m digging the pink and white models). It’s a 60-watt temperature-control box-mod that uses a proprietary chip. Vapers looking for a safe, simple, and elegant box mod should definitely give the Castle a look.

The Surefire Vapor product that really had me geeked out was the Heir RDA. Many people at ECC 2015 were calling it the “Kennedy Killer,” in reference to the popular bottom-airflow RDA. While the Heir RDA is indeed a bottom-airflow atomizer, the feature that grabbed me was its “direct-to-drip coil system.” Under the Heir RDA’s drip tip but above the deck is a hat-shaped piece of metal. The “hat” funnels juice into two slots that sit above the coils. This makes re-dripping super convenient and easy. It’s one of those clever designs that make you go, “That’s awesome! Why haven’t I seen that before?!?”

When Surefire Vapor first launched, it was one of the few American companies making high-end mods. The market has changed drastically over the years and it’s fun watching Surefire Vapor change with it. I’m curious to see how the Castle Box Mod and Heir RDA will sell. I’m already sold on the latter, but want to play with the former a bit more. To learn about both products, check out my interview with Garry.