Vaping Diaries #328: POET Passport Series Interview (ECC 2015)

POET Passport Series ECC 2015

One of my favorite discoveries at ECC 2013 was POET Electronic Nectar. Back then, the SoCal e-liquid scene was dominated by fruit flavors, mostly artificial and/or candied. POET was the first SoCal juice maker I met that made the kinds of complex and layered juices that I enjoy. Since that meeting, I’ve had POET CEO Randy Freer onĀ RPadTV several times and had the pleasure of enjoying his excellent company at various vape events. It has been a privilege getting to know the man behind the brilliant e-liquids. At ECC 2015, Randy told me about the POET Passport Series line of e-liquids and the first two flavors in the lineup — Green Dragon Tea and Mexican Coffee.

Some of you will recall that Randy had a fun contest during ECC 2014, where he let fans decide on his next flavor. The first two flavors in the POET Passport Series were born from that contest; they didn’t win the fan vote back then, but they were way too delicious to discard. I was extremely high on the Mexican Coffee e-liquid when it was first introduced in 2014. Randy has tweaked the formula since then and what I tried at ECC 2015 was even better than what I remembered — a fantastic blend of coffee, bitter chocolate, and Mexican spices. Green Dragon Tea is also wonderful, blending tea, fruit, and creamy notes for a blissful melange. With these two flavors, the POET Passport Series should be off to an excellent start.

Check out my ECC 2015 interview with Randy to learn all about the POET Passport Series and to see the artwork from the new line.