Vaping Diaries #329: Praxis Vapors Decimus and Survival Kit Interview

Praxis Vapors Decimus ECC 2015

Praxis Vapors had one of the most exciting booths in Hall 9 of ECC, with several new products that dazzled vapers. From box mods to starter kits to new e-liquids, there were several new Praxis Vapors products to check out. Company CMO Brett Reed walked me through the lineup.

The product that garnered the most attention at the Praxis Vapors booth was the Decimus box mod. A sleek and inexpensive box, the Decimus should offer a great blend of price, performance, and style when it’s released in Fall 2015. It’s going to hit at least 150 watts and it will come in a variety of colors. While several vaping companies are competing in the luxury box mod space, Praxis Vapors hopes to hit the mainstream crowd by pricing the Decimus at $89.95. Be sure to hit up the Praxis Vapors Instagram page and vote on your favorite colors for the Decimus box mod.

Next up is the Praxis Vapors Survival Kit, which consists of the Volta regulated tube and the Spitfire tank atomizer. Aimed at newer vapers or those wanting a simple setup, the Survival Kit should retail for around $60 to $65. I’d expect the tank to be available separately shortly after the Survival Kit’s release.

On the Praxis Potions front, the company has released Amber. The first savory flavor from the company, Amber is a blend of peanut butter, cream, and wafers. I’ve vaped a couple of milliliters of Amber and it has already become my favorite Praxis Potions e-liquid.

Lastly, Brett spoke about Taffy Man, a juice that’s being handled by Praxis Vapors’ distribution company. If you’re into grape Laffy Taffy then you’ll definitely want to check out this e-liquid.

Check out my ECC 2015 interview with Praxis Vapors CMO Brett Reed below to learn more about the Decimus box mod, Survival Kit, Amber, Taffy Man, and more.