Vaping Diaries #330: Surefire Vapor Castle Box Mod & Heir RDA Interview

Surefire Vapor Heir RDA Atty ECC 2015

Once known primarily for its made-in-the-USA high-end mechanical mods, Surefire Vapor is branching out into several different areas of vaping. At ECC 2015, the company had a number of new products. Recently, the company released a line of e-liquids, as well as pre-made coils and cotton. The Surefire Vapor goods that were getting the most attention at the show were the Castle Box Mod and Heir RDA. Both products have relatively low retail prices and offer great features. In the interview below, Surefire Vapor CEO Garry Rivera told me about the Castle Box Mod and Heir RDA.

The Castle Box Mod will retail for $100 and will be available in six different colors (I’m digging the pink and white models). It’s a 60-watt temperature-control box-mod that uses a proprietary chip. Vapers looking for a safe, simple, and elegant box mod should definitely give the Castle a look.

The Surefire Vapor product that really had me geeked out was the Heir RDA. Many people at ECC 2015 were calling it the “Kennedy Killer,” in reference to the popular bottom-airflow RDA. While the Heir RDA is indeed a bottom-airflow atomizer, the feature that grabbed me was its “direct-to-drip coil system.” Under the Heir RDA’s drip tip but above the deck is a hat-shaped piece of metal. The “hat” funnels juice into two slots that sit above the coils. This makes re-dripping super convenient and easy. It’s one of those clever designs that make you go, “That’s awesome! Why haven’t I seen that before?!?”

When Surefire Vapor first launched, it was one of the few American companies making high-end mods. The market has changed drastically over the years and it’s fun watching Surefire Vapor change with it. I’m curious to see how the Castle Box Mod and Heir RDA will sell. I’m already sold on the latter, but want to play with the former a bit more. To learn about both products, check out my interview with Garry.