Vaping Diaries #331: Epistle Eliquid Interview (ECC 2015)

Epistle Eliquid ECC 2015

Epistle Eliquid launched at ECC 2015 with two juice flavors and a very cool mission. In addition to offering tasty juice, the company aims to educate consumers through its packaging. A portion of the company’s sales will go to the excellent If you’re not familiar with the organization, it does a fantastic job of educating consumers about vaping issues in a very clear and concise way. In my opinion, does the best job of informing vapers about laws that could potentially change their lifestyle. It’s very, very cool that Epistle Eliquid has partnered up with the fantastic organization. In the interview below, Epistle Eliquid co-owner Nickelson Ballon talks about the company’s two launch flavors, the company’s mission, and teaming up with

As I mentioned, Epistle Eliquid has kicked things off with two flavors. First up is Mango Lassi, based on the the popular Indian confection. A mixture of sweet fruit and tangy yogurt, Mango Lassi is a delicious dessert blend. The second Epistle Eliquid launch flavor is Carrot Cake. This juice offers the sweet and savory spices in carrot cake, with an emphasis on the frosting. Out of the two launch flavors, I preferred Mango Lassi. I’m a fan of the Indian dish and not overly fond of the frosting on carrot cake.

Epistle Eliquid is off to a great start. The company’s ECC 2015 booth was almost always busy when I walked by. I love that a new e-liquid company is working to educate vapers and teaming with an excellent group like A lot of my friends at the show enjoyed the two Epistle Eliquid launch flavors (though I seem to be in the minority, as most of them preferred Carrot Cake). If you want to learn more about Epistle Eliquid’s juices and efforts then check out my interview with Nickelson below.