Vaping Diaries #239: Boilermaker Vapor Jeff Brookes Interview (ECC 2014)

My chat with Boilermaker Vapor co-owner Jeff Brookes is one of my favorite ECC 2014 interviews, and there’s a story behind it. See, I bumped into the fabulous James and Stephanie from Bay City Vapor at the show, and they suggested that I check out Boilermaker Vapor’s booth. I’m so grateful for that suggestion, because it lead me to discover some really unique e-liquid and meet some really cool people. Boilermaker Vapor’s juices are complex and layered, using multiple ingredients to achieve some truly standout flavors. I’m a huge fan of complex e-liquids and the company’s flavor blends seem like they’re totally in my wheelhouse. Then there’s Jeff Brookes, who was one of the most excellent people I met all show. When you combine great products and great people, it was an absolute pleasure filming this Boilermaker Vapor video.

Now let’s talk about some of the company’s flavors. Vise was the big hit of the show for Boilermaker Vapor. This juice combines watermelon, honeydew, lychee, and pomegranate. As fruit vapes are quite popular in Southern California, it wasn’t surprising that so many people liked Vise. As for me, I was most intrigued by Forge. Yes, the name reminds me of one of the lamest X-Men ever, but the juice is a unique mix of fruits and savory notes. Forge features pear and pineapple on the fruit side, as well as caramel and vanilla bourbon on the savory side.

Check out the interview above to learn how Boilermaker Vapor got started, hear about the company’s four launch flavors, and learn about the next addition to the Boilermaker Vapor lineup.

Boilermaker Vapor Jeff Brookes ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV