Vaping Diaries #238: Paratus Mods AD-1 Eric Lunn Interview (ECC 2014)

One of my favorite things about trade shows like ECC 2014 is meeting companies that I’ve never been exposed to, like Paratus Mods. Based in San Jose, the company was on a mission to release an inexpensive, made-in-the-USA, all-in-one vaping device. The end result was the AD-1 (Auto Dripper 1). This hybrid mod has several unique features. Aesthetically, it uses a sleeve system that lets you customize the look. Various sleeves are available, including copper, a very cool nylon, and a clear model. At the top of the Paratus Mods AD-1 is an auto-dripping atomizer that works similarly to the excellent Vapour Art Spheroid. The top portion of the atomizer uses filler to hold the juice, while the deck has the wick and coils that turn it into vapor. Since it’s a hybrid system, the Paratus Mods AD-1 has minimal voltage loss. Whether you’re a high-ohm flavor guy or a sub-ohm cloud chaser, the Paratus Mods AD-1 should be able to handle any build you throw at it, thanks to its PEEK insulators.

Check out the ECC 2014 video interview above with Paratus Mods co-owner Eric Lunn. He talks about the various features of the AD-1 and teases the upcoming Submariner mod, which I found out does not have little wings on its ankles.

Paratus Mods AD-1 Eric Lunn ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV