Vaping Diaries #237: Lost Art Liquids Brian Worthy Interview (ECC 2014)

When I first chatted with Lost Art Liquids, the company had just started with a humble launch. A few months later, the company has blown up. Originally, Lost Art Liquids went with a classy and understated style. These days, the company uses imagery and labels that are loud and cartoony. Lost Art Liquids has come a long, long way and it has been fun watching the company evolve. At ECC 2014, I chatted with Lost Art Liquids co-founder Brian Worthy about the drastic changes his company has undergone. He also spoke about his current flavor lineup and a new flavor that he was testing at the show.

Naturally, I had to ask Brian about the controversy surrounding his Kaptain Peanut Butter e-liquid. The original bottles used images straight off of a Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch box. From what I was told, this didn’t sit too well with someone over at Mod Envy. Apparently, one of the show’s hosts accused Lost Art Liquids of advertising to kids with the label and called for vapers to boycott the company. Having someone with thousands of viewers calling on people to boycott your company is a scary thing, but it ended up being a bid deal for Lost Art Liquids. Brian said that the controversy actually increased his business, helping his juices go from three stores to 50 in a matter of days.

Check out the clip above to hear about the evolution of Lost Art Liquids and the upcoming new flavor the combines kiwi, strawberry, and Pop Rocks.

Lost Art Liquids Brian Worthy ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV