Vaping Diaries #192: Lost Art Liquids Interview at Majestic Vapes

Earlier this week I was hanging out at Majestic Vapes for the Lost Art Liquids launch event. Company founders Ryan Thomas and Brian Worthy chatted with me about how this e-liquid venture got started, their approach to making juices, the four Lost Art Liquids launch flavors, and upcoming flavors. I’ve known Brian for quite some time and he currently owns one of the best vape shops in Beverly Hills, offering a chill atmosphere and some of the best prices in Los Angeles. Ryan, an awesome personal trainer by day, I know from hanging out at various Los Angeles vape shops. It’s cool watching two people I like start a new vape company and hopefully Lost Art Liquids is a success.

I’m currently vaping Lost Art Liquids’ Chivalry and Solitude. Check out the clip above to learn more about the company and the flavors it offers.

Lost Art Liquids

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2 thoughts on “Vaping Diaries #192: Lost Art Liquids Interview at Majestic Vapes”

  1. Why are they using a trademarked cartoon character for their juices?
    Are they not smart enough to know that “Kaptain Krunch” is trademarked and copyrighted? It does vapers a disservice by using characters that are “cartoony” which only lends ammo to the ANTZ who claim all vapers try to entice “The Children” by using these types of labels.

    1. That’s a very fair point and I found it…curious myself. Technically, “Cap’n Crunch” is the proper trademark and copyright. That aside, a lot of juice companies have had to change juice names or brands due to mimicking well-know products. Ben Johnson’s Cr3am used to be called Or3o; I’m fairly certain Nabsico had something to do with the name change. Jameson’s juice is now called Jackson’s. Heather’s Heavenly Vapes had several juices named after characters from The Lord of the Rings. The books are public domain, but HHV used images from the movies to market them — big mistake.

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