Vaping Diaries #191: Vape Panda Victoria You Interview

Following up on my hard-hitting interview with a real-life panda, here’s an interview with Vape Panda logistics manager Victoria You. She talks about how the company got started from a conversation at a Riverside vape shop, the completely sweet Vape Panda clothing line, and the new Bamboo Elixir line of e-liquid.

If you’re not familiar with Vape Panda clothing, the company makes vaping-related t-shirts, hoodies, and more. The threads feature the adorable Ohmie the Panda. If you don’t find these clothes irresistibly cute, then you have no heart. Vaping is cool. Pandas are cool. Vape Panda makes total sense, don’t you agree? Anyway, check out my chat with Victoria to learn more about the company and its clothes.

Vape Panda

Author: RPadTV