Vaping Diaries #236: Cartel Mods Gino Litonjua Interview (ECC 2014)

Cartel Mods is one of my favorite American hardware manufacturers in the vaping business. From the first time I saw Cartel Mods hardware, I was enamored by the company’s build quality and workmanship. At ECC 2013, I met the company’s main man — Gino Litonjua — for the first time. I’ve chatted with him a few times on camera since then and it was nice to celebrate our “on-camera vaping anniversary” (that’s a real thing) at ECC 2014.

Cartel Mods had a lively booth at the show, with a “Wheel of Fortune” game where contestants could win a Cartel Mods mechanical mod or atomizer for only $10. The company also released a brass version of its Cartel Boss 26650 mod at ECC 2014. Also on display, was the Stillare v3 — Cartel Mods’ first tri-coil atomizer. Gino gave a great explanation of the benefits of tri-coil atomizers and how the Stillare v3 offers a great blend of intense flavor and heavy vapor.

Lastly, Gino spoke about a new laser-engraving process that Cartel Mods will be using in products released later this year. By manipulating the machine settings, he was able to achieve engravings of different colors. The winner right now seems to be the red engraving.

To learn more about what Cartel Mods is up to, watch the ECC 2014 video interview above.

Cartel Mods Gino Litonjua ECC 2014 Brass Boss

Author: RPadTV