Vaping Diaries #240: Convict Vapors Brian Grow Interview (ECC 2014)

There is a lot to love about Convict Vapors. The company offers high-performance and high-quality vaping hardware that’s made in the USA and backed by an extremely generous one-year warranty. Convict Vapors hybrids are stylish and made from top-notch materials too. Lastly, the company does a lot of charitable work, employing convicts, donating mods and money to veterans, and more.

Several months ago, Alex from Vape Maps suggested that I contact Convict Vapors to learn more about the company and help vapers learn about its products. At ECC 2014, I finally caught up with Convict Vapors owner and head of product development Brian Grow. He spoke about how his company operates, how his products emphasize performance, the build quality behind his products, the one-year warranty he offers, and more. In addition to The Convict genesis hybrid (Convict Vapors’ first product), Brian talks about The Warden 26650 hybrid dripper, The Service Hybrid, and some upcoming atomizers.

In a very short time, Convict Vapors has grown into a top American vaping company. I’m really impressed by the product quality and design, while I find the company’s warranty policy extraordinary (to the point where I’m thinking, “Wow! These guys are too generous.). Check out the video above to hear the Convict Vapors story, learn about its current products, and hear about what’s coming next.

Convict Vapors Brian Grow Warden ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV