Vaping Diaries #241: Witchers Brew Jourele Macalino & Harold Fong Interview (ECC 2014)

As a huge fan of naturally-extracted tobacco e-liquids, I was looking forward to chatting with Witchers Brew at ECC 2014. My buddy Jessie from stopped by the booth and told me that it was a “must see.” Company president Jourele Macalino told me how Witchers Brew got started, its launch at ECC 2013, its current lineup, what kind of naturally-extracted tobaccos the company uses, and the freshly launched Moondust e-liquid. Chief financial officer Harold Fong popped in to talk about the next e-liquid Witchers Brew is working on.

According to the company’s Facebook page, “Our ingredients are custom made to our specifications and one of a kind. None of our extracts are available on the market.” While I wasn’t able to get the precise details on Witchers Brew’s naturally-extracted tobaccos (heat extract, soak, CO2 extract, etc.), I was happy to get to know a local NET vendor. If you’re familiar with the Southern California vape scene then you know that fruit e-liquids dominated 2013, while dessert juices became more popular this year. As a NET fan, there aren’t many local companies for me to enjoy (and pester).

I’ll be reviewing some Witchers Brew e-liquids in the near future. While my review will focus on flavor, I will be mindful of the company’s claim that its juices aren’t as harsh on coils as other naturally-extracted tobacco e-liquids. For now, please check out the video above to learn more about Witchers Brew and the e-liquids the company offers.

Witchers Brew ECC 2014 Interview Devils Cut

Author: RPadTV