Vaping Diaries #323: Boilermaker Vapor Rivet Charity Interview

Boilermaker Vapor Rivet Charity

When I first met Boilermaker Vapor at ECC 2014, I immediately fell in love with the company’s e-liquids. Boilermaker Vapor crafts complex and layered juices that were uncommon for a SoCal e-liquid company in 2014 and still stand out today. At ECC 2015, the company unveiled a special edition bottle of its delicious Rivet e-liquid that will benefit breast cancer awareness charities and the Los Angeles Battered Women’s Shelter.

If you’re not familiar with Rivet, it’s a yummy strawberry malt blend. In the month of October, Boilermaker Vapor will have bottles of the juice that feature Rosie the Riveter and pink breast cancer awareness ribbons. Additionally, the company will be selling women’s t-shirts that feature Rosie the Riveter in a Boilermaker Vapor theme. A portion of the proceeds generated by both products will go to the two aforementioned charities.

In the interview below, Boilermaker Vapor co-owner Doug Hughes talks about the company’s charitable initiative and gives a nice history lesson for younger vapers that might not be familiar with Rosie the Riveter. I was already a huge fan of the company and learning about its altruistic efforts has made me an even bigger one. What Boilermaker Vapor is doing with its special edition Rivet bottles and apparel is very, very cool.