Vaping Diaries #324: Cloud Chasers Inc Phalanx & Centurion Interview

Cloud Chasers Inc owner Kurt Loeblich had a crazy busy booth at ECC 2015. Naturally, a lot of vapers wanted a chance to talk to Kurt because he’s a cool guy that does a lot for the vaping community and makes awesome vaping products. As far as new CCI gear goes, loads of attendees were dazzled by the Phalanx Box Mod and the Centurion RDA. In the interview below, Kurt talks all about the two latest additions to the Cloud Chasers Inc lineup.

First up is the Phalanx Box Mod, which is one of the most unique pieces of vaping hardware that I saw at ECC 2015. The Phalanx runs in parallel mode and houses three 18650 batteries, which is brilliant for people that hate constantly changing batteries on their single-battery or dual-battery boxes. This Cloud Chasers Inc mod will definitely run a long, long time. Even though the Phalanx uses three batteries, it’s very comfortable to hold. The triangular shape is quite ergonomic and I’d bet that most vapers will find the Phalanx more comfortable to hold than a typical box mod. The mod also has some very cool performance features that Kurt went over in the interview.

Next, Kurt spoke about the Centurion RDA, which is the big brother of Cloud Chaser Inc’s successful Archon RDA. This 30mm atomizer packs all the same features that made the Archon so popular, but comes in a larger size to accommodate series box mods and DNA 200 mods (any mod that cranks out extreme wattages). The Centurion comes with three different barrels that give it lots of versatility.

To learn about these two Cloud Chasers Inc products, check out my ECC 2015 chat with Kurt below. Special thanks to Cory Rigali for prepping me for this interview!