Vaping Diaries #327: Fumi Vapor LJ4A Interview (ECC 2015)

Earlier in the summer, Fumi Vapor made a big splash with its Gang Mod. With an aggressive and controversial design that resembles brass knuckles, the original Gang Mod was an attention-grabber. Unfortunately, the design also made it illegal in more than two dozen American states. To solve that problem, Fumi Vapor released the LJ4A (Liberty and Justice For All) mod at ECC 2015. The mod uses a very similar design and the same internals, but is legal for sale in all 50 American states. At ECC 2015, Fumi Vapor vice president Joseph Brown gave me an update on the Gang Mod and told me about the LJ4A.

Fumi Vapor’s ECC 2015 booth was one of the most raucous places at the show. The company had several well-know DJs, breakdancers, models, and a Fumi Vapor-branded Rolls Royce. Fumi Vapor’s giveaways were distinct from its competitors, with more of a party atmosphere, rather than someone simply throwing juice and prizes into a crowd. Whenever I stopped by the booth during giveaway time, you could tell that Fumi Vapor’s fans were having a good time and lots of attendees were struck by the unique style of the LJ4A.

While some Internet vaping reviewers have been giving the company a hard time about its products, I appreciate what Fumi Vapor is doing as a company. Certainly its products aren’t for everyone, but I like how the company is trying to reach a different crowd and expand the business by incorporating the street art and hip-hop into its products. In the interview below, Joseph mentioned a few collaborations with various hip-hop artists, so don’t be surprised to see some celebrities wielding Gang Mods or LJ4A mods.

Personally, I think you guys and gals should pester the company so that it makes an LJ4A mod with the RPadTV logo and my face on it…but that’s just an idea. Ha!

Vaping Diaries #313: Fumi Vapor Gang Mod Interview

Combining vaping and street art, Fumi Vapor aims to make a splash with a stylish approach. The company is launching with the radically different Gang Mod, which resembles brass knuckles, and four flavors of vaping e-liquids. All of the Fumi Vapor launch products feature street art from a Japanese designer. I recently caught up with Fumi Vapor vice president Joseph Brown to learn about the company’s mission, the Gang Mod, and the four launch flavors in the company’s e-juice line.

The Fumi Vapor Gang Mod demands attention. For a company that combines style with vaping, a mod that resembles brass knuckles was a great way to start. Love it or hate it, people will talk about the Gang Mod and associate it with Fumi Vapor. The mod is a great conversation starter that will help the company’s brand recognition. Underneath the striking design of the Gang Mod is a variable-wattage chip made by Kamry. In the interview below, Joseph goes over the Gang Mod’s features and artwork.

Joseph also spoke about Fumi Vapor’s four launch e-liquids. Since the company is based in Los Angeles and works with Japanese artists, the four flavors are based on locations that reflect Fumi Vapor’s international nature — DTLA (downtown Los Angeles), Hollywood, Venice Beach, and Tokyo. DTLA is a coke-on-the-rocks e-liquid. Hollywood is a mix of mango, guava, and melon (MGM, get it?!?). Venice Beach is a blueberry ice flavor. Lastly, Tokyo is a mix of honey and melon. These Fumi Vapor e-liquids come in bottle that feature stylish street art.

With its distinct mod and flashy e-liquid bottles, Fumi Vapor is attempting to be a “vaping lifestyle” company. It’s certainly off to an interesting start and there are even bigger things coming later in the year from the company. Joseph teased that Fumi Vapor will have several more mods and e-juice flavors later in 2015.

I’m very curious to see how Fumi Vapor will be received in the vaping world. The company has style, which is of course subjective, and is aggressively going after the top reviewers in the business. At the very least, I expect Fumi Vapor to grab lots of attention. What the company will do with that attention is intriguing. For now, get to know Fumi Vapor better by watching the video below.