Vaping Diaries #321: BHBM Two Face RDA Interview (ECC 2015)

My buddy Steve from Smiley E-Liquid said that I had to check out the Two Face RDA at ECC 2015. He introduced me to the creators of the Two Face RDA — Alex Martirosov and John Burris from Brick House Box Modz. After getting a demo of the product, I was very impressed. The Two Face RDA offers a nice blend of versatility and durability for a relatively low price. RPadholic N8R was also impressed and bought one seconds after we stopped filming.

There are a few things that make the Two Face RDA different. Going on the versatility side, the atomizer comes with two caps — one aimed towards flavor fiends and another geared towards cloud chasers. In the video below, Alex claimed that the atomizer offers more than 30 different airflow combinations. On the durability side, the Two Face RDA uses a square post design that won’t spin and a hefty insulator that will protect against extreme sub-ohm builds. Since the world is an imperfect place, anything is breakable and parts do wear down; Brick House Box Modz includes a full set of replacement parts to make your Two Face RDA as good as new, just in case you beat the hell out of it. On paper, the Two Face RDA offers versatility for all kinds of vaping styles and juices consistencies, as well as idiot-proof usability.

Alex also spoke about future BHBM products he’s working on. He’s currently prototyping a 30mm version of the Two Face RDA for large box mods and 26650 tube mods. Version 3.0 of the BHBM Box Mod is also in the works; the idea is to make something more unique and get away from the Hammond boxes that so many box mods are made from.

Lastly, the video contains some gratuitous b-roll. All I can say is that I hope you enjoy it…and that it wasn’t my idea. Ha!