Jason Mewes & Blake Freeman Talk Noobz (Videogame Movie)

Actor Jason Mewes (Clerks II) and director Blake Freeman talk about their upcoming videogame movie Noobz┬áin this excellent video. In addition to the movie, the two talk about Gears of War 3, discuss first-person vs. third-person action, send a special message to Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski, and go off-topic in a hilariously lewd way. The legendary Casper Van Dien also pops up in the video making it extra awesome. Warning: this interview contains lots of naughty language and dirty references.

Special thanks to Justin Leeper for conducting the interview while I cracked up behind the camera.

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8 thoughts on “Jason Mewes & Blake Freeman Talk Noobz (Videogame Movie)”

  1. Just after the six minute mark Blake Freeman says that he thinks we are way beyond the "gaming is for nerds" mentality. I only wish that were true. While I will easily admit that things are a lot better, there is still a huge stereotype on people who play video games, and more than that people who play more than the yearly sports releases or only CoD.

    Other than that disagreement I liked the interview. It's definitely making me want to see the movie once it comes out. The part where he talks about showing gamers as regular people is a refreshing thought in film, to say the least.

      1. I would have lived my life happily if I had never read that. Of course, the comments were freaking hilarious. I kind of feel a little guilty for laughing at some of them.

        I think I should compensate for that downer of an article by posting this:
        [youtube LMxTFqPET5I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMxTFqPET5I youtube]


  2. I'm not sure i know the difference between "gamer" and "average 20-35 year old dude"

    I just mean to say that i don't believe that im in the minority because i enjoy games

  3. I didn't know who Blake Freeman was but after watching him here I found this movie he has coming out. This guy is funny as hell! Gawd Bless America movie:

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