Today’s Poll: Casper Van Dien vs. Michael Dudikoff

Super important poll today: it’s Casper Van Dien vs. Michael Dudikoff in a battle of bad-asses!!! On one hand, Dudikoff is an American Ninja. He’s American. He’s a ninja. He beats the hell out of non-American ninjas. On other hand, Van Dien is Johnny Frickin’ Rico! He slaughters giant alien bugs the same way you or I would swat gnats. Plus, he’s also been Tarzan and James Dean. More pluses include the fact that he’s co-producing the videogame movie Noobz¬†and he follow me on Twitter.

This isn’t really a fair contest. It’s clearly Van Dien all the way…but I’ll let you decide. Please vote and comment!

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25 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Casper Van Dien vs. Michael Dudikoff”

  1. I've actually never seen Starship Troopers (fail… I know). But if I recall correctly, I hadn't seen American Ninja when we started honoring Dudikoff. I did see Sleepy Hollow and I liked it, but it was the beginning of what I feel was a downhill slope for Tim Burton so it makes me sad in retrospect. It's also an unfair example to use because Christopher Walken can make any movie great. Steve Buscemi has this same gift. They don't even have to have lines, just being present in the frame somehow makes the movies better.

    So currently, I have to say Dudikoff, but only by default. Van Dien is obviously WAY more accomplished.

  2. This is a very tough choice for me since I've loved Mike since I was 11, but he didn't send me the new autographed pic I requested. And Casper actually sent me a personal tweet today. What to do?!

      1. Well, I must give Mike kudo's for trying to go digital. He actually started a facebook page and his own website (I used to be his webmaster a loooong time ago). But I guess you're right, at least Casper is into his fans and it seems he really likes to connect.

    1. Honey Badger is awesome. We should put a honey badger in a room with only a McRib and Lindsay Lohan to see what it would choose. I'm curious. After watching that video I'm convinced that it would eat Lindsay and fornicate the McRib.

      (*sigh*) I miss the National Geographic Channel.


  3. im sorry if you guys have all seen this, someone showed it to me last week,. and i cant stop watching it

    1. In all fairness, Casper can take a beating:
      [youtube jMsctjoyGzs youtube]

      How awesome would this scene have been if the guy whipping Johnny Rico would have said; "Your name is Toby. I want to hear you say it" and Casper would have said, "Kunta… Kunta Kinte"


    2. But…but…where the hell did the first ninja come from?? He just fell from out of nowhere onto the car!!??

      1. That's what I said SG! Apparently ninjas can just fall onto car windshield's outta nowhere and not make any type of noise or crack it either :/

      2. Like I said: Brilliant! I especially love the G-rated fight sequence with bladed weapons and no blood or tearing of any clothes.

        You have to also watch Commando (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and marvel at the sheer balls the director and editors had when they made the movie, looked at the finished product and said: "F&*k it, let's just go with that. I need to go home."


      3. Commando is one of my all time favorite movies. I think it's more over the top than Last Action Hero hahaSent from my iPad

  4. They both make pretty shitty movies. Different decade, different shitty movie catalog haha.

    Ray…become friends with Patrick Stewart.

    1. Yeah. Captain Picard/Xavier/Scrooge is awesome. I would love to meet him. Funny how no one ever called him out for playing a French captain with a British accent.


      1. What would be crazier is if we had a reader whose name sounded like a Cuban or an Irishman when in fact they have American accents.

        Or what if the guy who ran this site had a name that could easily be interpreted as Mexican, but is in fact of Filipino decent.


      2. I get what you are trying to say, but this particular situation is different. In Star Trek TNG, Picard not only makes references about growing up in La Barre, France, but he even goes to his family’s vineyard where he grew up in two separate episodes. In one of those episodes, we are introduced to his brother Robert (who grew up with him) and he spoke with a French accent.

        So I ask you: If two brothers grow up together in the same family (in France) how is it that one of them speaks with a British accent while the other, a French one? It's would be like Mr. Padilla's brother talking like an Australian.


      3. Well, in Star Trek lure, mankind has settled its differences. I would assume this would also include the unthinkable of France and England actually getting along.I'm shooting in the dark really.

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