Vaping Diaries #287: Arsenal Vape Co Logan Ellis Interview

A couple of weeks ago, I attended Inhale Vape’s grand opening and met Logan Ellis from Arsenal Vape Co. A few of my friends were raving about his e-liquids and I was excited to learn more about the company. Arsenal Vape Co. was started by two Marines that are into vaping. The company strives to make high-quality juices that stand out in a highly competitive market. Naturally, the company name and its juice names reflect the founders’ Marine background. (Thank you for your service!)

Logan was kind enough to drop by Vape Star Los Angeles to tell me about his company and e-liquids. The three Arsenal Vape Co. launch flavors are Malibu Breeze, Tropic Thunder, and Warrior’s Breakfast. Check out the interview above to learn about these three flavors and to hear hints of what’s coming next.

As a bonus, here’s a cute story about Warrior’s Breakfast. Prior to learning about the founders’ military background, Vape Star Minjee totally cracked me up with her comments about this cinnamon/waffle mix. She said, “It tastes like waffles. Warriors don’t eat frickin’ waffles!” During the interview, Logan explained what a “warrior’s breakfast” was in the context of Marine training. So in addition to learning all about Arsenal Vape Co., you’ll be able to dazzle your friends with your knowledge of warrior’s breakfast. Win.

Arsenal Vape Co Logan Ellis Interview

Furious 7 Superbowl Trailer is…Bittersweet

It’s with mixed emotions that I write about the Furious 7 trailer that aired during the Superbowl. As many of you know, I love the Fast & Furious franchise — the movies are an outstanding mix of action, fun, and stupid. You’ll also recall that I’ve always been mesmerized by the late Paul Walker’s acting. He was an amazing source of unintentional entertainment. While I’m thrilled that he’ll be returning to the big screen for one more high-octane adventure, I’m also sad that I won’t be getting more films from one of my favorite crappy actors in movie history.

The Furious 7 Superbowl trailer has me amped for the movie. The action looks bigger and more ridiculous than ever. The situations seem more absurd (love Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson kicking ass with a broken arm). I also love the addition of Nathalie Emmanuel; she’s a gorgeous woman with a hot accent (and yes, I enjoyed seeing her naked in Game of Thrones season 4). Several of my friends are excited about Jason Statham, but that guy kind of bugs me. He’s played the same character for like 20 movies and it looks like he’ll be going to the well one more time in Furious 7. Another possible negative is Iggy Azalea’s cameo. I don’t get her…at all (and she has crappy taste in basketball players). Having said that, there’s just too much big, dumb fun in the trailer and I have no doubt that I’ll be entertained by this big, dumb movie.

When you have a chance, watch the Furious 7 trailer below and share your thoughts on the clip (please!). Also, what’s your take on Jason Statham?

Two Ted 2 Trailers For Your Teddybear Enjoyment

Check out these two Ted 2 trailers that were recently posted by Universal Pictures. First is a Superbowl spot featuring Tom Brady. The second is the extended trailer with more everything. While the lovely Mila Kunis isn’t in the sequel, she’s replaced by the equally lovely (in a different way) Amanda Seyfried. While the leading lady switcheroo will disappoint some viewers, everyone should be happy to learn that Sam Jones will be back in Ted 2. That guy is awesome…and probably needs the work.

Anyway, check out both clips when you have a chance and let me know what you think. Also, I need you do discuss the pros and cons of swapping Mila Kunis for Amanda Seyfried (because that’s an important discussion to have). Personally, I’m all for the switch. While Mila Kunis is a gorgeous woman and arguably the hottest MILF in Hollywood, I’ve always been a sucker for Amanda Seyfried’s anime eyes. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her in Ted 2.

Fantastic Four Trailer Is….

A trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie has landed and it’s way different from what I was expecting. The tone is somber and serious, giving the movie a more dramatic feel than your typical summer-superhero fare. That’s not a bad thing at all and, of course, the trailer only shows one aspect of the movie. Having said that, as a longtime FF reader and someone that enjoyed moments of the previous Fantastic Four movies, the trailer didn’t have the tone that I wanted. When I think about the Fantastic Four, I think of Marvel’s foremost superhero family. Yeah, they have cool powers due to an irresponsible experiment with cosmic rays and they go on amazing adventures, but the dynamic between Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny is what “makes” the book for me.

Also, the trailer needed about 900 percent more Kate-Mara-in-skimpy-clothing clips.

Seriously though, Marvel superhero movies have generally been more “fun” than DC’s more serious films. While I’m sure that the Fantastic Four movie will have comedic moments and sweet CG-powered fight scenes, the trailer is making me prepare for a more serious side of Marvel’s filmic efforts.

What do you guys and dolls think of the trailer and its feel? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.

Kate Mara Fantastic Four


The Vape 48 Week 1: Vaping Utopia’s Kavish Mehta

Welcome to the first episode of The Vape 48 on RPadTV! My goal is to film 48 episodes of the show in 2015. Each one will feature a guest from the vaping business. In addition to getting an update on the guest’s company, we’ll talk about the vaping hardware and e-liquids we’ve been enjoying lately. And yes, I totally lifted the name from DC Comics’ “The New 52.”

Week one of The Vape 48 stars Vaping Utopia owner Kavish Mehta. He talks the three new e-liquids he recently launched: Beez Cream, Eden, and Zion. His hardware choices include Mad Industries’ Penny Mod and Hobo Customs’ Hobo Atomizer. Kavish’s juice picks include e-liquids from Sol Sauce and Ripe Vapes.

As for me, I’ve been digging Psywar Fabrications’ Onslaught Atomizer (thanks Vaping Ape!) and Jiu Jit Juice’s Mata Leao.

Vape 48 s1e1

Vaping Diaries #286: Diamond Liquids Britten Allen Interview

I’m a big fan of Diamond Liquids on several levels. First and foremost, the company makes a number of delicious e-liquids that I enjoy. I appreciate that Diamond Liquids is very particular about the sweeteners it uses and which ones it doesn’t. Lastly, it’s fantastic how supportive the company is with the local vape community. There are usually multiple vape events every weekend in Southern California and you’ll almost always see someone from Diamond Liquids in attendance, supporting local vape shops and vape companies.

In the interview above, Diamond Liquids owner and mixologist Britten Allen talks about how the company got started, his approach to making e-liquids, some of the flavors currently available, future flavors, and his upcoming mechanical mod. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the company’s Eruption, Lucky Mother Custard, and Razzi flavors. Eruption has a delicious mango flavor that I really enjoy (despite being bored with most fruit e-liquids). As a fan of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Lucky Mother Custard is right up my alley. Lastly, Razzi is a wonderful raspberry cheesecake juice that’s probably my favorite in the Diamond Liquids lineup. All of the juices are high-VG for optimal vapor production, but they also vape quite well in rebuildable tanks like my trusty Russian.

Check out my chat with Britten above to learn more about Diamond Liquids and to hear how Lucky Mother Custard got its name.

Diamond Liquids Britten Allen Interview

Vaping Diaries #285: Jiu Jit Juice Phillip Chu Interview

One of the newest companies in the ultra-competitive world of vaping e-liquids is Jiu Jit Juice. Inspired by mixed martial arts and crafted by a jiu jitsu practitioner, this line of juices has launched with a trio of dessert e-liquids.

The “white belt” line of Jit Jit Juice flavors features a high-VG base and a unique combination of flavors. Armbar is a layered combination of coconut and custard. Triangle is a strawberry, waffle, and cream combination that has one of the best and most distinct strawberry flavors I’ve tried. My personal favorite of Jiu Jit Juice’s launch flavors is Mata Leao, a salted caramel pudding that’s simply delightful. What I enjoy about all of these e-liquids is that they’re flavorful and layered, without being in your face. While these juices aren’t for everyone, they fit nicely into my vaping wheelhouse.

In the interview above, Jiu Jit Juice CEO Phillip Chu talks about his company and launch flavors, as well as upcoming Jiu Jit Juice lines. Future e-liquids will feature different PG/VG ratios and various themes. I’m particularly excited for the “brown belt” series, which will focus on tobacco-based flavors. Be sure to check out the clip above to learn about this exciting, up-and-coming juice company…as well as to hear an open challenge to another jiu jitsu practitioner in the vaping business.

Jiu Jit Juice Phillip Chu Interview