Vaping Diaries #219: AmeraVape Erik Hutchinson Q&A

This video interview with AmeraVape founder and owner Erik Hutchinson is very different from the usual RPadTV vaping interview. It’s mostly unedited and much longer than the video content that I usually post. As many of you know, AmeraVape — creator and manufacturer of the popular Manhattan mechanical mod — has been embroiled in several controversies. There are a lot of strong opinions about the company. Some of the opinions are justified, while some are the result of misinformation. Given AmeraVape’s controversial position, I jumped at the opportunity to film Erik answering some user-submitted questions.

The focus of this piece is all about your questions. That’s why the video is mostly unedited and that’s why it’s so long. Overall, I think it’s a very interesting piece. Erik clears up some of the misinformation that’s floating around out there and explains why AmeraVape does some of the things it does. Having said that, there are a few bits that will probably result in some more controversy for AmeraVape.

Just so you know, Erik was not given the questions prior to the interview. I wanted to get his spontaneous reactions to the questions. For the most part, I stayed out of the way and let him answer as much as he wanted to. I started and ended the video with some topics to add some context, and I did follow up on one of the user-submitted questions (and yes, I did crack some goofy jokes a few times because…I can’t help myself). At the end of the day, the vast majority of the video is Erik answering the questions that were submitted.

While I was conducting the interview, I found myself learning more about the company and learning new information about some of its controversies. That’s what I hope the video does for you; I’m not trying to change your opinion about AmeraVape — just trying to help you get additional information to come to your own conclusion. Naturally, I’d love to get your thoughts on this AmeraVape interview and Erik’s answers. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts when you have a chance!

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Special thanks to Monster Vape Lounge for letting us shoot at the shop and hang out!

Author: RPadTV