Fantastic Four Trailer Is….

A trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie has landed and it’s way different from what I was expecting. The tone is somber and serious, giving the movie a more dramatic feel than your typical summer-superhero fare. That’s not a bad thing at all and, of course, the trailer only shows one aspect of the movie. Having said that, as a longtime FF reader and someone that enjoyed moments of the previous Fantastic Four movies, the trailer didn’t have the tone that I wanted. When I think about the Fantastic Four, I think of Marvel’s foremost superhero family. Yeah, they have cool powers due to an irresponsible experiment with cosmic rays and they go on amazing adventures, but the dynamic between Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny is what “makes” the book for me.

Also, the trailer needed about 900 percent more Kate-Mara-in-skimpy-clothing clips.

Seriously though, Marvel superhero movies have generally been more “fun” than DC’s more serious films. While I’m sure that the Fantastic Four movie will have comedic moments and sweet CG-powered fight scenes, the trailer is making me prepare for a more serious side of Marvel’s filmic efforts.

What do you guys and dolls think of the trailer and its feel? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.

Kate Mara Fantastic Four


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3 thoughts on “Fantastic Four Trailer Is….”

  1. Was not a fan of that trailer at all, and the ending scene looked just like something from Halo. I’m gonna go ahead and state once again that Michael B. Jordan is the only casting choice I actually like.

    How much input or control does Marvel actually have on this though? Ray you mentioned this being a more serious side of Marvel’s films, but unless they are really helping Fox out here more than I know, I personally wouldn’t really consider it a Marvel film effort.

    1. Kate Mara is an excellent choice for anything, blasphemer. :p

      FF isn’t a Marvel film in the sense of a Marvel Studios production, but my point was even the movies outside of Marvel Studios — FF, Spider-Man, X-Men — were generally more “fun” than DC’s movies. Nolan’s Batman movies and The Man of Steel are more dramatic than any movie featuring Marvel characters.

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