Vaping Diaries #282: Best Vaping Mods of 2014

Best Vaping Mods of 2014Now that 2014 is over, let’s take a look at my favorite vaping mods of the year. While the title of this article is “Best Vaping Mods of 2014,” that’s simply for SEO purposes. Mods are subjective devices, with different people looking for different levels of performance, certain aesthetics, various buttons feels, and more. As for me, I like strong performance, but don’t really need top-of-the-line voltage drop. I prefer aesthetics that are simple and understated. The vast majority of my batteries are 18650, so I gravitate towards mods made for that particular size. I also put a premium on support and service, which is something most vapers I hang out with don’t seem to care about. Lastly, I generally prefer made-in-the-USA products.

Out of all the mods I used extensively in 2014 (there were lots of nice ones I didn’t get to spend much time with), these five were my favorite.

Vapour Art GP Paps X Lux — In 2013, Vapour Art’s GP Paps X was my favorite mod, so it wasn’t a surprise that the GP Paps X Lux ended up as my favorite mod of 2014. It has everything I love about the original — fantastic build quality, elegant looks, and a great button with a light touch. The GP Paps X Lux adds aluminum bronze to the mix, which is more conductive and more luxurious than the 316 stainless steel used in the original model. While there are hundreds of brass mods and several naval brass mods on the market, there aren’t many that use aluminum bronze. The metal helps the GP Paps X Lux stand out with its rarity and superior performance. While its performance isn’t quite as good as the other mechs on my list, this is one of the most beautiful and expertly crafted mods I’ve used. To top it all off, Vapour Art products are backed by outstanding customer service.

Best Mod of 2014 Vapour Art GP Paps X Lux 2

The Convict — For the last half of 2014, The Convict by Convict Vapors has been my workhorse mod. This genesis-style hybrid offers high performance and a huge 5ml tank. I love that it’s made in the USA and backed by an extremely generous warranty. The Convict that I’ve been using is made out of aluminum, which is highly conductive. Brass, copper, and stainless steel models are also available. When I need a vaping setup with capacity, I almost always reach for The Convict. It’s well made, it hits hard, and holds a ton of juice. Pardon the pun, but I think Convict Vapors is one of the most criminally underrated companies in the vaping business. The company makes fantastic vaping devices that are backed by extraordinary warranties.

Best Mod of 2014 The Convict

Brass Knurled King Mod — My other workhorse mod of 2014 was the Brass Knurled King Mod from Surefire Vapor. I used the dusted brass model for most of the year and the nickel-plated brass model in December. Both American mods are well made and backed by strong customer service. The combination of brass, tight construction, and silver-plated copper contacts helps the King Mod deliver strong performance. Aesthetically, I love the way the mod looks — elegant and simple, yet distinct. I wasn’t a fan of the huge “lug nut” caps on the original King Mod, but I really dig the way the Brass Knurled King Mod’s knurled circular caps look. The nickel-plated brass model is probably my favorite mod of the year in terms of looks. While the $230 price tag made sense in early 2014, I do think Surefire Vapor’s prices were slightly high by the end of the year, with a number of great mods available in the $180-$230 price range.

Best Mod of 2014 Nickel Plated Brass King Mod

Tantra Mod — A newcomer to the mechanical mod scene, Chillum Vapor kicked things off with a great product in the Tantra Mod. It features a naval brass body, tight engineering, and a unique disc spring. All of those aforementioned features add up for excellent performance. The construction of this mod is excellent and I love that Chillum Vapor uses naval brass instead of a cheaper alloy. I’m also a fan of the Tantra Mod’s 20 x 1 threading, which allows me to use it in hybrid mode with some of my favorite atomizers for direct-to-battery performance. In terms of looks, the Tantra Mod has about as much flash as I enjoy. It’s certainly the flashiest mod on this list, but relatively understated compared to many mods on the market. While the mod and company name conjure up images of South Asia, the Tantra Mod is an excellent made-in-the-USA mech.

Best Mod of 2014 Chillum Vapor Tantra

Manhattan Mod — Forget all the controversy surrounding AmeraVape. The Manhattan is an excellent mod that offers stellar performance. For many competitors in cloud contests, it’s the mod of choice, which should tell you all you need to know about its performance. It’s made in the USA and backed by great customer service. Originally launched in aluminum, The Manhattan is also available in brass, copper, and a number of limited editions. While the strong magnet took some getting used to (especially as a fan of light springs), after a few weeks I came to enjoy the feel of The Manhattan. (And lets face it, it’s just fun sticking the mod on various metal objects.) I absolutely love its understated looks, with a simple AmeraVape logo engraved on the tube. While AmeraVape’s newer products have slightly better performance, I’m not a fan of the busy design language used on the Apollo and Skyline series of mods. I’ll happily stick with the simple beauty and strong performance of The Manhattan.

Best Mod of 2014 AmeraVape Manhattan

Vaping Diaries #214: Vapour Art GP Paps X Lux Preview

Vapour Art is one of my favorite mod makers in the world. The company uses top-quality metals like 316 stainless steel and aluminum bronze. Vapour Art’s craftsmanship is some of the finest in all of vaping; the threads on its mods are exceptionally smooth and the overall workmanship is brilliant. The Vapour Art GP Paps X was my favorite mod of 2013. As you can imagine, I was incredibly psyched to receive the GP Paps X Lux. This mod has everything I love about the GP Paps X, but with heavy use of aluminum bronze.

While many vapers are familiar with brass and copper mechanical mods, some are unfamiliar with aluminum bronze. According to Vapour Art, aluminum bronze is “four times more expensive than the 316 SS with high percentage of copper, ” and, “Admiralty brass has 71% Cu and naval brass has 60% Cu, while the aluminium bronze goes to 91% Cu plus 7% Al.” Some vapers I know love aluminum bronze because it offers higher performance, while others love it because it’s uncommon. Whatever the case, the aluminum bronze GP Paps X is a more luxurious and, on paper, a harder hitting version of it stainless steel counterpart.

To see why I was so impressed by the 316 stainless steel GP Paps X, be sure to check out my review. I have a strong feeling that the GP Paps X Lux will be one of my favorite mods of 2014, with a great chance of being my favorite mod released all year. Of course I’m going to have to spend more time with it before writing and filming a full review. For now, please check out the preview video above and the packing list below to see everything that comes with the Vapour Art GP Paps X Lux.

  • 1x Main body OD 23 mm with two male threads made from Aluminium bronze in polished finish.
  • 1x Long eXtension OD 23 mm with one male and one female thread made from Aluminium bronze in polished finish.
  • 1x Short eXtension OD 23 mm with one male and one female thread made from Aluminium bronze in polished finish.
  • 1x X ring made from Aluminium bronze in polished finish.
  • 1x AFC ring made from Aluminium bronze in polished finish.
  • 1x button made from EU certified 316 SS in polished finish.
  • 1x top cap made from EU certified 316 SS in polished finish.
  • 1x locking square nut made from EU certified 316 SS.
  • 3x brass springs of different hardness.
  • 2x food grade plastic insulators.
  • 1x silver plated brass negative post screw with 15+ micron silver coating.
  • 1x silver plated brass GPin with 15+ micron silver coating.
  • 2x food grade O-ring 19×1,2mm for the AFC ring.
  • 1 GP® Fork
  • 1x short silver plated brass pin with 15+ micron silver coating for 18650 IMR batteries with 64,48 mm length (out of specs).
  • 1x 15+ micron thickness silver plated spring.
  • 1x double GP® Holster from cordura fabric 1000 den manufactured in EU by a company specialised in weapon holsters, made exclusively for Vapourart.
Vapour Art GP Paps X Lux Preview

Vaping Diaries #157: Vapour Art GP Paps X Review

It’s hard to write a review of the Vapour Art GP Paps X without sounding like a bootlicker. There are just so many extraordinary aspects of the mod that it’s easy to spend hundreds of words lavishing it with praise. While I’m a fan of Vapour Art products, I can also objectively say that the GP Paps X easily one of the best mods on the market today.

Build Quality and Construction: The GP Paps X is made from 316 stainless steel. This type of steel is heavier and more expensive than the 303 and 304 varieties most mechanical mods are made from. To put in perspective, 303 and 304 stainless steel are used for pots and pans, while 316 stainless steel is used for jewelry and watches. This grade of steel gives the GP Paps X a nice heft and a luxurious feel.

The contact points on the GP Paps X are silver-plated brass. Silver is tops when it comes to conductivity and it’s lower maintenance than copper. While you do need to clean the contacts periodically, you don’t have to do so as often as you would with bare brass or copper contacts.

The threads on the GP Paps X are extraordinary. After a thorough wash, they’re still considerably smoother than lubricated threads on any of the mods in my collection. So yeah, there’s buttery and then there’s the threads on the GP Paps X. Even when they’re completely dry, the action on the threads is so silky that they feel lubed. It’s impossible to adequately illustrate in words or in video how remarkable the machining on the GP Paps X is; when you feel it yourself, you’ll have a “Wow!” moment.

In terms of materials and craftsmanship, the GP Paps X is one of the best mods you can buy today.

Design and Ergonomics: The GP Paps X can be used with 18350 to 18650 batteries. It can also be used with an 18650 battery with an Evolv Kick, which is atypical for high-end mods.

The main body is brushed steel, while the accents are polished. By default, the top ring lets you adjust airflow. If you’re using an atomizer that has its own airflow control, like the Aqua or Kayfun, then you can pick up the optional replacement top ring for a flush appearance. Keep in mind that the GP Paps X has a 23mm diameter, which is slightly larger than most popular atomizers.

The firing button on the GP Paps X is another outstanding feature. The throw is incredibly short and the mod require a soft touch to fire, yet it can stand unlocked without firing. Outside of Vapour Art products, I’ve never felt a firing button like this. Again, describing with words or in a video doesn’t do it justice. It’s really quite amazing.

The aesthetics of the GP Paps X are blessedly subtle. The bottom of the tube has the GP logo on one side and the serial number on the other — that’s it.  I love the understated and classy appearance of the GP Paps X, but looks are, of course, subjective.

Performance: The GP Paps X hits hard and has very low voltage drop. Compared with other stainless steel mods, the GP Paps X is among the best performers. The silver-plated contacts and tight engineering factor into its performance. Of course there are brass and copper mods with lower voltage drop, but as far as stainless steel mechs go, this mod is one of the best.

Vapourart GP Paps X Review

Verdict: With a price of $240, the GP Paps X is slightly more expensive than many high-end mods. Considering its superior materials and phenomenal workmanship, I think the price is absolutely worth it. It’s easily the best mod in my collection and certainly one of the best mods you can buy today. Now bring on the aluminum bronze GP Paps X Lux Vapour Art!