Vaping Diaries #157: Vapour Art GP Paps X Review

It’s hard to write a review of the Vapour Art GP Paps X without sounding like a bootlicker. There are just so many extraordinary aspects of the mod that it’s easy to spend hundreds of words lavishing it with praise. While I’m a fan of Vapour Art products, I can also objectively say that the GP Paps X easily one of the best mods on the market today.

Build Quality and Construction: The GP Paps X is made from 316 stainless steel. This type of steel is heavier and more expensive than the 303 and 304 varieties most mechanical mods are made from. To put in perspective, 303 and 304 stainless steel are used for pots and pans, while 316 stainless steel is used for jewelry and watches. This grade of steel gives the GP Paps X a nice heft and a luxurious feel.

The contact points on the GP Paps X are silver-plated brass. Silver is tops when it comes to conductivity and it’s lower maintenance than copper. While you do need to clean the contacts periodically, you don’t have to do so as often as you would with bare brass or copper contacts.

The threads on the GP Paps X are extraordinary. After a thorough wash, they’re still considerably smoother than lubricated threads on any of the mods in my collection. So yeah, there’s buttery and then there’s the threads on the GP Paps X. Even when they’re completely dry, the action on the threads is so silky that they feel lubed. It’s impossible to adequately illustrate in words or in video how remarkable the machining on the GP Paps X is; when you feel it yourself, you’ll have a “Wow!” moment.

In terms of materials and craftsmanship, the GP Paps X is one of the best mods you can buy today.

Design and Ergonomics: The GP Paps X can be used with 18350 to 18650 batteries. It can also be used with an 18650 battery with an Evolv Kick, which is atypical for high-end mods.

The main body is brushed steel, while the accents are polished. By default, the top ring lets you adjust airflow. If you’re using an atomizer that has its own airflow control, like the Aqua or Kayfun, then you can pick up the optional replacement top ring for a flush appearance. Keep in mind that the GP Paps X has a 23mm diameter, which is slightly larger than most popular atomizers.

The firing button on the GP Paps X is another outstanding feature. The throw is incredibly short and the mod require a soft touch to fire, yet it can stand unlocked without firing. Outside of Vapour Art products, I’ve never felt a firing button like this. Again, describing with words or in a video doesn’t do it justice. It’s really quite amazing.

The aesthetics of the GP Paps X are blessedly subtle. The bottom of the tube has the GP logo on one side and the serial number on the other — that’s it.  I love the understated and classy appearance of the GP Paps X, but looks are, of course, subjective.

Performance: The GP Paps X hits hard and has very low voltage drop. Compared with other stainless steel mods, the GP Paps X is among the best performers. The silver-plated contacts and tight engineering factor into its performance. Of course there are brass and copper mods with lower voltage drop, but as far as stainless steel mechs go, this mod is one of the best.

Vapourart GP Paps X Review

Verdict: With a price of $240, the GP Paps X is slightly more expensive than many high-end mods. Considering its superior materials and phenomenal workmanship, I think the price is absolutely worth it. It’s easily the best mod in my collection and certainly one of the best mods you can buy today. Now bring on the aluminum bronze GP Paps X Lux Vapour Art!

Author: RPadTV