Vaping Diaries #331: Epistle Eliquid Interview (ECC 2015)

Epistle Eliquid launched at ECC 2015 with two juice flavors and a very cool mission. In addition to offering tasty juice, the company aims to educate consumers through its packaging. A portion of the company’s sales will go to the excellent If you’re not familiar with the organization, it does a fantastic job of educating consumers about vaping issues in a very clear and concise way. In my opinion, does the best job of informing vapers about laws that could potentially change their lifestyle. It’s very, very cool that Epistle Eliquid has partnered up with the fantastic organization. In the interview below, Epistle Eliquid co-owner Nickelson Ballon talks about the company’s two launch flavors, the company’s mission, and teaming up with

As I mentioned, Epistle Eliquid has kicked things off with two flavors. First up is Mango Lassi, based on the the popular Indian confection. A mixture of sweet fruit and tangy yogurt, Mango Lassi is a delicious dessert blend. The second Epistle Eliquid launch flavor is Carrot Cake. This juice offers the sweet and savory spices in carrot cake, with an emphasis on the frosting. Out of the two launch flavors, I preferred Mango Lassi. I’m a fan of the Indian dish and not overly fond of the frosting on carrot cake.

Epistle Eliquid is off to a great start. The company’s ECC 2015 booth was almost always busy when I walked by. I love that a new e-liquid company is working to educate vapers and teaming with an excellent group like A lot of my friends at the show enjoyed the two Epistle Eliquid launch flavors (though I seem to be in the minority, as most of them preferred Carrot Cake). If you want to learn more about Epistle Eliquid’s juices and efforts then check out my interview with Nickelson below.

Vaping Diaries #330: Surefire Vapor Castle Box Mod & Heir RDA Interview

Once known primarily for its made-in-the-USA high-end mechanical mods, Surefire Vapor is branching out into several different areas of vaping. At ECC 2015, the company had a number of new products. Recently, the company released a line of e-liquids, as well as pre-made coils and cotton. The Surefire Vapor goods that were getting the most attention at the show were the Castle Box Mod and Heir RDA. Both products have relatively low retail prices and offer great features. In the interview below, Surefire Vapor CEO Garry Rivera told me about the Castle Box Mod and Heir RDA.

The Castle Box Mod will retail for $100 and will be available in six different colors (I’m digging the pink and white models). It’s a 60-watt temperature-control box-mod that uses a proprietary chip. Vapers looking for a safe, simple, and elegant box mod should definitely give the Castle a look.

The Surefire Vapor product that really had me geeked out was the Heir RDA. Many people at ECC 2015 were calling it the “Kennedy Killer,” in reference to the popular bottom-airflow RDA. While the Heir RDA is indeed a bottom-airflow atomizer, the feature that grabbed me was its “direct-to-drip coil system.” Under the Heir RDA’s drip tip but above the deck is a hat-shaped piece of metal. The “hat” funnels juice into two slots that sit above the coils. This makes re-dripping super convenient and easy. It’s one of those clever designs that make you go, “That’s awesome! Why haven’t I seen that before?!?”

When Surefire Vapor first launched, it was one of the few American companies making high-end mods. The market has changed drastically over the years and it’s fun watching Surefire Vapor change with it. I’m curious to see how the Castle Box Mod and Heir RDA will sell. I’m already sold on the latter, but want to play with the former a bit more. To learn about both products, check out my interview with Garry.

Vaping Diaries #329: Praxis Vapors Decimus and Survival Kit Interview

Praxis Vapors had one of the most exciting booths in Hall 9 of ECC, with several new products that dazzled vapers. From box mods to starter kits to new e-liquids, there were several new Praxis Vapors products to check out. Company CMO Brett Reed walked me through the lineup.

The product that garnered the most attention at the Praxis Vapors booth was the Decimus box mod. A sleek and inexpensive box, the Decimus should offer a great blend of price, performance, and style when it’s released in Fall 2015. It’s going to hit at least 150 watts and it will come in a variety of colors. While several vaping companies are competing in the luxury box mod space, Praxis Vapors hopes to hit the mainstream crowd by pricing the Decimus at $89.95. Be sure to hit up the Praxis Vapors Instagram page and vote on your favorite colors for the Decimus box mod.

Next up is the Praxis Vapors Survival Kit, which consists of the Volta regulated tube and the Spitfire tank atomizer. Aimed at newer vapers or those wanting a simple setup, the Survival Kit should retail for around $60 to $65. I’d expect the tank to be available separately shortly after the Survival Kit’s release.

On the Praxis Potions front, the company has released Amber. The first savory flavor from the company, Amber is a blend of peanut butter, cream, and wafers. I’ve vaped a couple of milliliters of Amber and it has already become my favorite Praxis Potions e-liquid.

Lastly, Brett spoke about Taffy Man, a juice that’s being handled by Praxis Vapors’ distribution company. If you’re into grape Laffy Taffy then you’ll definitely want to check out this e-liquid.

Check out my ECC 2015 interview with Praxis Vapors CMO Brett Reed below to learn more about the Decimus box mod, Survival Kit, Amber, Taffy Man, and more.

Vaping Diaries #328: POET Passport Series Interview (ECC 2015)

One of my favorite discoveries at ECC 2013 was POET Electronic Nectar. Back then, the SoCal e-liquid scene was dominated by fruit flavors, mostly artificial and/or candied. POET was the first SoCal juice maker I met that made the kinds of complex and layered juices that I enjoy. Since that meeting, I’ve had POET CEO Randy Freer on RPadTV several times and had the pleasure of enjoying his excellent company at various vape events. It has been a privilege getting to know the man behind the brilliant e-liquids. At ECC 2015, Randy told me about the POET Passport Series line of e-liquids and the first two flavors in the lineup — Green Dragon Tea and Mexican Coffee.

Some of you will recall that Randy had a fun contest during ECC 2014, where he let fans decide on his next flavor. The first two flavors in the POET Passport Series were born from that contest; they didn’t win the fan vote back then, but they were way too delicious to discard. I was extremely high on the Mexican Coffee e-liquid when it was first introduced in 2014. Randy has tweaked the formula since then and what I tried at ECC 2015 was even better than what I remembered — a fantastic blend of coffee, bitter chocolate, and Mexican spices. Green Dragon Tea is also wonderful, blending tea, fruit, and creamy notes for a blissful melange. With these two flavors, the POET Passport Series should be off to an excellent start.

Check out my ECC 2015 interview with Randy to learn all about the POET Passport Series and to see the artwork from the new line.

Vaping Diaries #327: Fumi Vapor LJ4A Interview (ECC 2015)

Earlier in the summer, Fumi Vapor made a big splash with its Gang Mod. With an aggressive and controversial design that resembles brass knuckles, the original Gang Mod was an attention-grabber. Unfortunately, the design also made it illegal in more than two dozen American states. To solve that problem, Fumi Vapor released the LJ4A (Liberty and Justice For All) mod at ECC 2015. The mod uses a very similar design and the same internals, but is legal for sale in all 50 American states. At ECC 2015, Fumi Vapor vice president Joseph Brown gave me an update on the Gang Mod and told me about the LJ4A.

Fumi Vapor’s ECC 2015 booth was one of the most raucous places at the show. The company had several well-know DJs, breakdancers, models, and a Fumi Vapor-branded Rolls Royce. Fumi Vapor’s giveaways were distinct from its competitors, with more of a party atmosphere, rather than someone simply throwing juice and prizes into a crowd. Whenever I stopped by the booth during giveaway time, you could tell that Fumi Vapor’s fans were having a good time and lots of attendees were struck by the unique style of the LJ4A.

While some Internet vaping reviewers have been giving the company a hard time about its products, I appreciate what Fumi Vapor is doing as a company. Certainly its products aren’t for everyone, but I like how the company is trying to reach a different crowd and expand the business by incorporating the street art and hip-hop into its products. In the interview below, Joseph mentioned a few collaborations with various hip-hop artists, so don’t be surprised to see some celebrities wielding Gang Mods or LJ4A mods.

Personally, I think you guys and gals should pester the company so that it makes an LJ4A mod with the RPadTV logo and my face on it…but that’s just an idea. Ha!

Vaping Diaries #326: Craft Vapery Certifiably Vapable Liquids

In my opinion, Craft Vapery is the best e-liquid subscription service in the vaping business. When the company unveiled its Certifiably Vapable Liquids line of juices at ECC 2015, I was intrigued. After all, Craft Vapery deals with dozens of e-liquid companies and hundreds of flavors every month. Putting the Craft Vapery brand on Certifiably Vapable Liquids means that the company strongly believes in these flavors. At the show, Craft Vapery president Joshua Krane told me about the three launch flavors in the Certifiably Vapable Liquids lineup and how they’re made with vapers’ safety in mind.

First up is Sticky Rice, a milky-sweet dessert vape based on the popular Southeast Asian dessert of mango and sticky rice. This Certifiably Vapable Liquids flavor blends sweet fruit and savory coconut milk with a pleasant rice texture. As someone that lived in Thailand, I love that the company released this flavor.

Next is It’s Toast. This juice is based on Josh’s quintessential peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When I first tried this Certifiably Vapable juice, I had no idea that it was PB&J. The bread note really helps this flavor stand out from other PB&J e-liquids on the market. It’s Toast is quite tasty and surprisingly different.

Rounding out the Certifiably Vapable line is Cornbread, which several of my friends were raving about all show. First off, cornbread is frickin’ awesome. Secondly, it’s a flavor that I haven’t seen in the vaping world. Craft Vapery did a fantastic job of replicating the flavor, with a rich and textured cornbread slathered with honey butter. While I only vaped a bit of each juice at the show, Cornbread was my early favorite.

Lastly, Josh spoke about the future of the Certifiably Vapable line. These three flavors went through extensive focus testing with several Craft Vapery subscribers. Josh said that additional flavors that subscribers loved would be released in the future, as well as seasonal selections. Out of the dozens of juices I tried at ECC 2015, Cornbread was one of the most memorable. I highly recommend it and suggest that you check out the entire line of Certifiably Vapable Liquids.

Vaping Diaries #325: CloudWerks Atomizer Interview (ECC 2015)

I’ve been trying to get CloudWerks on camera for years, but due to scheduling conflicts (a little) and camera shyness (a lot), I was unable to do so until ECC 2015. At the show, I pretty much forced CloudWerks partner Louie Siason into an interview. He spoke to me about the CloudWerks Atomizer, which uses a single-post design that offers a nice combination of ease-of-use and versatility. The CloudWerks Atomizer is available in four finishes (stainless steel, black, white, and Tiffany Blue). With a name like CloudWerks, you can expect this atomizer to chuck ample clouds, but Louie believes that vapers will be surprised by the flavor it offers.

One of the most pleasant surprises I had at ECC 2015 was meeting model Hanna Ferraez. She was working for CloudWerks at the show and…she pretty much ruined all the other models for me — just a beautiful and delightful young woman. And for the record, I had nothing to do with the b-roll of her chest. That was RPadholic N8R’s idea and filming. I was chatting with Louie while N8R was doing that. There are witnesses. I swear.

Anyway, in addition to talking about the CloudWerks Atomizer, Louie gave an update on the future of the company’s juice line. If you’re not familiar with CloudWerks e-liquid, it’s high VG (90 percent) for huge clouds and the flavors are very subtle. As someone that dislikes e-liquids with overwhelming flavor, I appreciate the CloudWerks’ style. As Louie said in the interview below, “You don’t get bored with our juice. You can vape it all day.”

Check out the ECC 2015 interview below to learn more about the CloudWerks Atomizer and the company’s juice line. You’ll also see lots more of Hanna Ferraez, which (if you’re a heterosexual male or a homosexual female) is a pretty wonderful thing.

Cloudwerks Atomizer ECC 2015

Vaping Diaries #324: Cloud Chasers Inc Phalanx & Centurion Interview

Cloud Chasers Inc owner Kurt Loeblich had a crazy busy booth at ECC 2015. Naturally, a lot of vapers wanted a chance to talk to Kurt because he’s a cool guy that does a lot for the vaping community and makes awesome vaping products. As far as new CCI gear goes, loads of attendees were dazzled by the Phalanx Box Mod and the Centurion RDA. In the interview below, Kurt talks all about the two latest additions to the Cloud Chasers Inc lineup.

First up is the Phalanx Box Mod, which is one of the most unique pieces of vaping hardware that I saw at ECC 2015. The Phalanx runs in parallel mode and houses three 18650 batteries, which is brilliant for people that hate constantly changing batteries on their single-battery or dual-battery boxes. This Cloud Chasers Inc mod will definitely run a long, long time. Even though the Phalanx uses three batteries, it’s very comfortable to hold. The triangular shape is quite ergonomic and I’d bet that most vapers will find the Phalanx more comfortable to hold than a typical box mod. The mod also has some very cool performance features that Kurt went over in the interview.

Next, Kurt spoke about the Centurion RDA, which is the big brother of Cloud Chaser Inc’s successful Archon RDA. This 30mm atomizer packs all the same features that made the Archon so popular, but comes in a larger size to accommodate series box mods and DNA 200 mods (any mod that cranks out extreme wattages). The Centurion comes with three different barrels that give it lots of versatility.

To learn about these two Cloud Chasers Inc products, check out my ECC 2015 chat with Kurt below. Special thanks to Cory Rigali for prepping me for this interview!

Vaping Diaries #323: Boilermaker Vapor Rivet Charity Interview

When I first met Boilermaker Vapor at ECC 2014, I immediately fell in love with the company’s e-liquids. Boilermaker Vapor crafts complex and layered juices that were uncommon for a SoCal e-liquid company in 2014 and still stand out today. At ECC 2015, the company unveiled a special edition bottle of its delicious Rivet e-liquid that will benefit breast cancer awareness charities and the Los Angeles Battered Women’s Shelter.

If you’re not familiar with Rivet, it’s a yummy strawberry malt blend. In the month of October, Boilermaker Vapor will have bottles of the juice that feature Rosie the Riveter and pink breast cancer awareness ribbons. Additionally, the company will be selling women’s t-shirts that feature Rosie the Riveter in a Boilermaker Vapor theme. A portion of the proceeds generated by both products will go to the two aforementioned charities.

In the interview below, Boilermaker Vapor co-owner Doug Hughes talks about the company’s charitable initiative and gives a nice history lesson for younger vapers that might not be familiar with Rosie the Riveter. I was already a huge fan of the company and learning about its altruistic efforts has made me an even bigger one. What Boilermaker Vapor is doing with its special edition Rivet bottles and apparel is very, very cool.

Vaping Diaries #322: Jason Mewes Juice Interview (ECC 2015)

The highlight of my ECC 2015 was getting to chat with Jason Mewes on camera. I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith’s movies and Jay is a big reason why. Naturally, I wanted to learn how he started vaping and what lead him to start the Mewes Juice line of vaping e-liquids. We talked about that — and a whole lot more — in the (NSFW) video interview below.

Mewes Juice has launched with five flavors with names inspired by Jay — 15 Bucks, Sugar Tits, Mewes Aid, Mewes-a-Latte, and Doobie Snacks. One of the things we talked about was the names that didn’t make that cut. He really wanted to use more aggressive names that feature gags that he’s known for like Clit Commander (Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back), Piss and Flies (Clerks II), Dutch Rudder (Zack and Miri Make a Porno), etc., but he wasn’t sure about the boundaries. He didn’t want to offend Smith or Miramax. In addition to talking about the current flavors, Jay spoke about e-liquids he’d like to see in the future from Mewes Juice.

Since Jay has a love for geeky things and RPadTV is pretty much a nerd site, I had to talk to him about comics and games. As far as comic books go, he pretty much reads everything. The first time I met Jay was on the set of Noobz, so I had to ask him about the videogames he’s been digging lately. He’s been playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Xbox One, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for PlayStation Vita, Injustice: Gods Among Us for iOS, and Marvel Future Fight for iOS.

Lastly, Jay spoke about his daughter Logan and how having a child has changed his life.

Yes, my ECC 2015 chat with Jason Mewes was all over the place, but it was so much fun. Check out the clip below to learn about Mewes Juice and hear about the videogames he’s been playing. Snootchie bootchies!